Does he actually love me?

So about 4/5 months ago, I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me for about 4ish months.I found out by her but he said he was trying to tell me forever cause it was eating at him and he felt terrible for what he was doing. but she beat him to it. After a lot of arguing, crying, I'm sorrys, so on, I decided to take him back on the promise that he would never speak with her, or have any contact with her at all. so far, well what I know of, he has not had any contact with her. Now he is talking about us moving in together and me going with him to meet his family (he lives out of country) and lots of things like marriage. He told me a month ago or so that he was talking to one of his friends about marriage he told his friend how he was going to propose to me and everything.

Anyway my question is. does he actually want to marry me? could someone actually love the person they were cheating on for 4 months? I love him and I want to spend the rest of my life with him, but I'm scared to get hurt again.


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  • This about it this way: What negative consequence really came out of him cheating? Did he lose you? Nope. You have a little fight and it's back to being "normal" and whatever caused him to cheat hasn't gone anywhere. You can forgive a cheater but NEVER take them back. This is the only sure way to prevent yourself from getting hurt again.



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  • No I don't think so. if you want to make him prove his love to you!