Guy talks about marriage.. how serious is he really?

If he's talking about marriage and I have never before.. does that mean he's probably just as sure as he'll ever be?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Guys tend to change plans so easily. It will change.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Be very wary and judge by his actions words. I went through a very painful break up a couple months ago. He was my 1st boyfriend and a man that I really loved and cared for, I genuinely thought I would spend the rest of my life w/him. He wound my head up telling me I'm 1st girl that he wanted to marry, I was on cloud 9 until reality set in. My ex made absolutely no effort to make a future w/me, I was looking for a better job in my field, taking a class to further my education and trying to get my stuff together (w/whoever I end w/). He was content at his "a little over min wage job" and was spending $ carelessly (once a week at the bar), while telling me he had to get more $ to marry me. If he was truly crazy about me, he would collect every spare penny he had to make a future for us instead of spending that on game cards (similar to pokemon). We talked about the future a little, but when I sat down for a serious talk, he flipped out telling me how I was holding marriage over his head and that in the end it didn't matter what he wanted to do because we are both independent people. That is not something I expect to hear from the person I want to grow old w/.