MARRIAGE?! WHAT? For guys :)

How many years does it take for a guy to ask a girl to get married? We live with each other, have an amazing relationship, we both trust each other a lot, and we'll whenever were out with our friends we always seem to get the question of when are we going to get married? So Yeah thanks


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  • Well marriage is deffinantly not something you can just rush even thought you may be having the thoughts and wanting to get married maybe he is not ready. It has all to do with the fact that is he ready to settle down and live with you the rest of his life and love you always?

    Im not saying he doesn't love you as much as he says he does but maybe he just wants to keep having fun going out and maybe he thinks that may stop when you and he are married?

    Just give him time, it will come, but he needs to be able to pick out a ring, have the money necessary for a honeymoon and all the rest involved. There are plenty of couples out there who have dated 5+ years and havn't been married yet, its just that one of the people in the relationship are not ready yet. But nothing should rush you or him and say things like "when are you going to get married"?


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  • If it isn't broken, why fix it?

  • It is a crapshoot. Some guys will want to get married very quickly, and other guys will not ask for quite a few years. Some guys have no interest in getting married at all and will never ask. Have you probed him to see where he stands on marriage right now?


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  • My fiancee knew he wanted to marry me within a month of dating me. Normally that would be a bad and scary thing. But the guy is nearly 40, I guess he has had a million dates and girlfriends and has gotten really good at figuring out what he wants and needs in life.

    He'd get married tomorrow if I'd let him, but I am insisting that we wait at least a couple of years because I want him to be absolutely sure. I am really traditional when it comes to what marriage means, and once a man marries me, he is stuck with me, I don't care how bad or good it gets hahaa.

    Some people don't want to get married, he might be one of those. Not to mention you are both very young and probably still not sure what you want in life and what path you want to follow. Marriage is not only about love, you have to think logically about it. Both of you need to evaluate things like is that person responsible? are they happy? what do they need and can you provide that? You might want to just sit down and talk to him. Find out if both of you have the same ideas for the future and if both of you want marriage and/or family. Too many people get married before they really know each other.