Is my co worker flirting with me?

I have known him 9 months. In the beginning I was not interested,but he grew on me with all the compliments; I am a good weight size, I look like I am in my early 20's,I do not look hideous without makeup and I still wonder if he was trying to tell me he thinks I am pretty. He stares at me a lot that even someone passing by caught him and asked him out loud "why are you starring at her like your lost?" It use to make me nervous the starring,but I kinda like it now. The thing is I married ,but not happily and my co worker is not aware. I lead him to believe my marriage is peachy! But little does he know my marriage is on the rocks. He told me like the third day we met he is in a bad relationship and he is not happy. But it's been several months since then and I feel he flirts with me but not sure. He comes to my office visits long periods and sings along songs playing on the radio an he likes to flex his muscle's "big guns" in my office, but when I ask to feel the "big guns" he got shy and blushes. Someone please tell me what all this means


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  • i think that all couples go through bad times. and during those bad times, it feels good to get attention from someone. it feels good to feel wanted. it's tempting to find something new. or maybe just a temporary distraction. those aren't the right reasons to let an office relationship grow on you though. sorry to be a killjoy, but I'm just stating the obvious. if it's really bad with your husband, then separate and/or divorce. give yourself some time to yourself to heal and regroup. then go back on the market. but don't get into a situation by pondering and wondering about interoffice relationships while still being married. that's called "wrong." just because your husband may be a jerk doesn't make it right to justify any negative feelings he may have with you (that's what you would be doing if you allow yourself to get caught up with a coworker). I know you're just "asking" if he's flirting with you. but it's the "asking" that leads to other things (and the fact that you're asking suggests that you're interested). instead, ask about how to fix your marriage. you and your husband made a commitment "for better or worse" (not just for better, and if it's worse, I'll start wondering about my coworker). if the tables were turned and it was your husband asking this question I would tell him to man up and get his wife some flowers. I would tell him to plan a nice evening for you two (maybe even cook). then sit and talk about what's going on between you two (that's what people in a committed relationship do). if he's not doing it, then you should (it's your marriage too). I'm confident that if you put as much focus on fixing your marriage as you did with wondering about your coworker, then you can make it better. if it's not fixable, like I said, end it. and if you start a new relationship, it shouldn't be at work. have you ever heard of the saying, "don't crap where you eat." think about it. it makes sense. hope this helps.


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  • well id say work to fix your marriage as it just needs some refreshing. id avoid getting involved the guy at work but you gotta do what you want.

    if you get involved with the guy at work id just take him to the side and tell him that you're married but its not going well. id recommend not dating him and just ask him to f*** you. tell him that you want to tell him when you need attention after work and I wouldn't give him anyway to contact you so that you can cut it off at anytime.

    i wouldn't date him as that will just complicate things and I bet he would jump all over descrete fwb

  • Absolutely he's flirting with you! You probably should tell him you're married, though.


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