My grandmother gave me her wedding/engagement ring?

With the explicit instructions that I was to immediately give it to my boyfriend, and then we'd get engaged.

This was about a month ago. By gave it to me I mean bequeathed it in her will.

So I'm no longer certain of what I should do. It's eating away at me that I haven't followed her final wishes, but I don't know how my boyfriend would react to me giving him the ring and insisting he give it to me.

What should I do? How should I broach this? Has anyone ever been in a similar situation?


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  • Things are different in our generation than even two generations ago. Things could be a lot more like family-decided marriages and engagements. She believed it was in your best interest to be married to this guy and that it was her job to steer you that way. The fact though is that you can't "will" someone into a commitment like that. Totally takes the spirit out of the thing, that it should be genuine from the both of you and guilt should be the farthest thing from it. Keep her ring and think about her. Get engaged when you're ready. Ultimately she wanted you to have a happy life. Get there your own way and everyone wins.


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  • I have not been in this situation before but I would say your grandmother had her best wishes and your happiness in mind so if by doing what she has ask makes you feel very uncomfortable and is something you no deep down would not want to do then don't I'm sure she would not want you to do something that leaves you unhappy

  • that's really weird. you're going to freak him out if he doesn't want to get instead of saying it's a wedding ring, I would say it's a promise ring