He wants to get engaged next fall? What do you think about this? Please answers :]

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 5 months. He always tells me that he has never felt this way about anyone ever and that my personality reminds him of himself. (that's a good thing lol) He hopes that we are together forever and that I'm his everything. He is really sweet :] My question is regarding this: He wants to get engaged next fall (2012) which would be a year and a half for us. That is about a year away. I think it sounds wonderful and I want that to happen but its hard to tell this far in advance. He has given me a promise ring that he said symbolized to him that he will always be there for me. Whenever we are out walking or etc he sometimes mentions " when we get married..." and "In our house..". It makes me feel as though he is serious about it. What do you think from your experience and others you know? By the way I'm 19 and he's 23.


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  • well you do have a promise ring. and he is 23 so I'm assuming he's don't with college and now is paying off his debts if he had any. so he can be ready...but are you? I think getting married in about a year is possible.

    but from my experience...ive been dating boyfriend for a little over a year and he's always talked about marriage and babies and pretty much everything. but nothing has happened. what's different is that he actually gave you a promise ring, I fight with boyfriend fight every week and he talks about the future with me. so yea...who sounds like they are bsing more? lol

    even if he doesn't marry you in a year, so what? point is he WANTS to marry you. I think that's all it matters :( but I really think its possible to get married in a year and a half! I've seen it :o


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  • i think that's really sweet the way he says "when we get married" and "in our house" he is definitely serious, this guy I've been dating says the same thing and he wants to marry next fall what a coincidence. ! I'd say if you're ready for it then do it. my guy is like that he always says our room and "we" that's how you know they are ready, they don't think only of themselves they think of us too. a man that sees you in this future is serious

  • like you said it's a long time away, don't worry about it. just live in one day at a time