Am I betraying him or my husband?

This is the second man I've ever slept with. My husband and I had sex four times a week tops during our whole marriage.

This man and I have sex more than four times a DAY if we can. I just want to know if it's normal or if it means he only wants me for sex. He's very nice to me and treats me well.

... Should I also feel guilty for having sex with him? I sometimes think about my husband when I'm with him. I don't tell him anything but I pretend he's the one holding me in his arms. It makes me feel bad because he feels like a replacement and sometimes I feel like I'm betraying my husband by being with him.

PS - I'm a widow.


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  • I say you can always talk with the new man. He will not like that you were thinking about your husband at times but he might try helping you with your grieving.

    I don't think you are betraying your husband. He wouldn't want you stopping your whole life because of him - specially since you are still young.

    You do NOT need to forget about your husband. You can always keep him close with you in your heart. I say speak with the man you're sleeping with.


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  • Four times a day is normal in the early stages of a relationship. It doesn't necessarily mean he's only after sex.

    Plenty of wives and husbands would kill for four times a week in a marriage.

    • Nothing is wrong with fantasizing. It's not a betrayal.

  • that's kinda f***ed up


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  • you are over thinking the whole thing...

  • I don't think that's wrong my boyfriend and I used to be like that before we had our son now we're lucky if we get to even 2 times a week.