My ex of 4 years is still in my life. Whatever will be next.

My ex of 4 years is still in my life. We continued seeing one another whilst not being in a relationship. Yesterday I tried to tell him this isn't right and I refused to see you and kiss you and stuff whilst we aren't together however he wouldn't let me go.

Then I go on facebook and see a comment from his sister saying congrats we're getting you engaged or something..I'm so confused and unsure what to do with this guy, and unsure on what he wants from me...

thankyou for taking the time out to read &answer yes its about time I set the git straight, its long overdue,every time I say this has got to be the end he comes flying back into my life one way or another its getting boring now l0ll will have to find the strength not to let him back in..
he asked me to go on holiday with him next weeeeek :S lool


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  • i had trouble saying no to my ex, so I just started ignoring him. just completly ignore it. text, ignore it. call, let it go to voice mail. and don't listen to the message either. 'when the past calls, don't answer; it has nothing new to say' (thank you twitter, lol)

    and the engaed comment, just make sure your status on fb is single and tell his sister she heard wrong.

    least that's what id do


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  • listen its just plain and simple... myt not sound pretty...but you are NOT there in his version of future life :/ ... He has moved on... the only reason he is keepin you around because he thinks you are an easy f***... am sorry but that's the main reason people keep their ex's in their life... he knows you are still into him... so he exploits your vulnerable self :( are not realisin but you are losin your self-esteem... listen girl be strong, buck up... show him that you are not vulnerable ... cut him completely out from your life...cut all modes of contacts with him...ask your chums to help you in keepin him away from you... do wateva you can just remember you are not anyone's sex toy... you are one respected women... I know its easier said than done... but its your life... your ex has no right to hold your life's getting my point... you gotta make your own decisions :) get back the control of your life! ! and dun be hesitant in takin help from family and friends... :) please try to be strong ...even if you can't really get off him so soon... well jus pretend to be strong till you succeed :) dun do this for anyone this for your own self...:) ...and trust me their are many guys out there is not exclusive to someone... move on... give yourself another chance... have belief in yourself... and you will find love again..! :)

  • Are you too polite to say no to him?

    When he kisses you, do you pull away?

    He may be getting mixed signals.

    Why don't you follow up the fb comment with a correction and make everyone understand your thoughts...

  • gud luck :)

  • Sounds delusional. You're not together yet he thinks your engaged? You need to seriously talk to him and get things straight between you two.

    • lol sorry I must have not explained myself clearly I meant I see a comment from his sister sayin congratulations we are getting you engaged ... so this has left me feeling like wtf.

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  • Run.Just run far away. ;)

    I would just talk to him if I were you. And figure out what he is thinking. If you don't have feeligns for him then just make sure you guys keep everything in the "friend zone". I know most poeple don't think you can still be friends with your ex. But I've seen it happen. I'm not sure what ended or who ended the relationship.. you just need to tell him that everything is in the past and if you both want to be friends then you both need to realize that.

    I hope everything works out for the best!

  • Honestly, you'll have to straighten him out - figure out what he wants from you! If you can't be together, then what are you doing?

    • yeah I get what your saying just don't know what the hell is going on here, if he didn't want me in his life he would have completly cut me out, but he lkeeps tryin make excuses to see me and ends up kissin me and stuff. :S ahhhhhhhhh confused/lost/fed up/unsure what step to take next!

    • Be like, be with me or leave me alone but don't fux w me