Why getting married is important to you?

divorce ratings are raising cause of this recession time...it is difficult to get a job...then why to get complicated and get married...or it is just a fantasy...?


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  • Whether or not a marriage works often depends on how each partner views the purpose for marriage. I think the majority of divorce rates are from people that got married because they were in love. Though love is still probably the most important reason to get married, I also think it needs to be thought about logically as well. You can love a person to pieces, but they still might make a terrible marriage partner.

    Marriage to me is just an agreement between two partners that they will be there to support each other until the end. I feel everyone needs unquestioned support at some times in their lives. I think your commitment to your partner should be much like the commitment to your child. Children can be tiring, demanding, and very difficult at times, but most people don't simply abandon their children when the going gets tough. Why people find it so easy to abandon their partner if they are going through rough times is beyond me.

    I am engaged. After falling in love with my fiancee I, for the first time in my life, feel like I have something to lose. I feel like I have something worth working hard for, and something worth sacrificing for. These feelings have made me a better person. I no longer worry about the future, and no longer fear growing old. I am happy to grow old with him no matter where life's path takes us.

    That's pretty sappy! When did I become such a sap! :P


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  • To me, marriage is about the joining of two families. If it was just about me and my husband, I wouldn't need to ceremony or the reception. But, for me it's about our families too. It's a celebration of love.

    My parents are divorced. It makes me want to do it right, and chose my husband very carefully because, when I get married, I do want it to be for life. I want us to be willing to work through our problems and not use divorce as an easy way out when things get hard. Maybe it is just a fantasy, but I think that if both people are willing to fully commit to be there for each other no matter what, it can absolutely work out. I think a lot of people get married too fast, and don't take it seriously, knowing that if things get too hard, they can just get a divorce and try again with someone else.

  • First of all, the way they calculate the divorce rate isn't exactly the best way. If you calculate it by the number of people who have ever been married who have subsequently gotten divorced (as opposed to the number of marriages per year vs the number of divorces) it's actually only a 33% divorce rate.

    But regardless, I still would like to get married someday. My intention of getting married is to commit to the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. My reasons for wanting to get married have nothing to do with finances or anything else like that so the recession doesn't matter to me. Love, respect, companionship, and loyalty is what matters to me.

  • Getting married isn't important to me. I don't see it as necessary at all.


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  • Now that same sex marriage is acceptable it means nothing.