Girls/guys you date v girls/guys you marry?

Gags, is there a difference between the type of person you go out and have a good time with and the type of person you'd marry. if so what's the difference, and to those who don't know, do you enter every encounter with the thought of, 'this must be The One'?


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  • hmm before I date someone , I usually imagine how it would be like in case I got married to them. With that said , I think the guys have gone out with and the guys I intend to marry usually have the same x-tics.

  • Virgins are attractive because no one has touched them before. They're cute, shy, fresh and awkward. Well, I like to learn things along with my significant other, and I don't like doing it with him and imagining other women doing the same. Also, who is he thinking about when he's doing it with me. How many girls has he done it with... it's like ehmmm...


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