Is it controlling to tell my boyfriend I don't want him to talk to his ex?

Since my boyfriend and I have started dating (2 years ago), he has mentioned that he talks to his ex girlfriend at tims. I thought this was OK since they hadn't dated in 8 years, but then I later found out that after he was with a different girl for 4 years, he went and hooked up with hi ex again. Now she is engaged and has a baby. We recently broke up and he decided to go see her. We got back together the next day and he told me, but now I am extra uncomfortable with the situation. He says he can understand why I don't want them hanging out, but he still says he will talk to her. She called me controlling to him. They even went together to pick out my birthday present. Do I have a right to be upset or am I bein too controlling?


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  • To tell you the truth I would feel very weird about it too, but first thing is I would tell him ALL that's on your mind about the situation and how you feel . They seem to be just friends and I know from personal experience that ex's can be just friends. I wouldn't go out and say hey don't talk to her but maybe they can cut the hanging out part out. That what I would do, I wish you the best of luck!

  • kind of but if yor willing to tell him more power to u