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I have been chatting to this guy for like 6 months now. We haven't seen each other. He usually asks me for my picture and my number, but I have refused to give him. He tells me he loves me, and now I kind of have feelings for him. But I don't know if he is just playing around or he is serious as he had told me that he wants my number as all his friends call their girlfriends but then the other thing that makes me wonder is that last time I had told him that he can propose any other girl as I won't accept him but he said that he doesn't want any he wants me and only me! I'm a little confused...please help me with this situation!


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  • You can't fall in love over AIM. I've heard about those people who got married after they met in chat rooms, but before they got married they talked and met each other at least. Also starting a relationship online is pretty pointless. You can't do any of the things that real boyfriends and girlfriends should do, and your too young to change the long distance part of the relationship so starting one probably won't be as satisfying as he would have you believe. With all that said, whats the harm in giving I'm your phone number? Youve been talking to him for six months so you do enjoy talking to him.


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  • Yeah I agree with purefury you don't really know this guy and for all you know he could be crazy one of my good friends got married to a guy she met on the internet and it turns he can't leave the country or the state for that matter so just keep on talking to him and have fun and don't depend on internet relationships.