Boyfriend was following me at Walmart

I was driving myself and my boyfriend around and he needed to go to Walmart, so we went and were in the beverage section. I told him hey I'm gonna go look at the games! He said "why am I not surprised" and laughed, so I went. When I was done, I went back to where we were but he wasn't there. I wandered the store looking for him for like 15 min and couldn't find him. I will admit I peeked at the engagement rings that were there. When I finally did, I told him I couldn't find him anywhere! And he said I know I was following you from behind :) I asked why and he didn't really answer lol (I hope he didn't catch me peeking at the rings, but on a prior trip, he wanted to look at them with me) It doesn't really freak me out, I didn't do anything wrong and he wasn't suspicious, I'm just wondering what it means lol


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  • Well one thing is for sure, you just telegraphed to him what you want. And now he knows.

    • Well we've been dating a year now, but I'm hoping he didn't catch me looking at the rings! I looked around before I did and didn't see him. The prior trip, he wanted to look at rings and I said oh hell no and walked off because I thought he was joking with me...Turns out he wanted to see what I'd say.

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    • I'm not really scared that he's gonna propose tomorrow, I just don't want to hint around and pressure him to get it, I'd rather him do it because he wants to...Of course since I didn't know he was following me, that's not really a hint lol

    • I think he has his own idea, so I wouldn't worry about it too much.


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  • he loves you and wanted to check you out, watch your butt, watch you just appreciating a fine painting sometimes you have to take a step back to appreciate it, but like an anthropologist if you really want to get an idea about people you watch them without them knowing it.

    • Aww that's sweet...But sometime after that (I don't remember how long exactly) we had a fight, but we made up...That was like the second or third time lol Maybe he's finally the one that knows I'm worth the effort instead of leaving for good whenever there are problems like past boyfriends XD

  • its just curiousity. its a way of flirting and he knew that you wouldn't be able to find him which seems like a fun game to me lol

    • LOL That's cute...I wasn't mad, I was just hoping he didn't see me peeking at the rings! But he's old school - he'd get me a promise ring first

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    • from other comments that you replied to, if he saw you lookin at the rings its a sign to see if you were really interested in getting married since you said tht you werent ready for it at the moment

    • Well first time he was like "c'mon, let's look at rings" and I said "oh hell no" and walked off because I thought he was joking *this was a couple months into our relationship...* I have no idea if he saw me, but he was being smiley and kinda secretive, so I have no idea if he saw me looking at them or not. He said he was following me for a while, so I don't know if he did at that particular moment

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