Why did my boyfriend say that??

I told him that I had a premonition that someone will propose to me. Then he suddenly said "that he was not that guy" I asked him "don't you want to be that guy on my premonition?" he said "yes, I want to be the guy who proposed on your premonition but..." I tried to convince him to disclose the reason behind that then he suddenly said "nothing"..

By the way, we're on a long distance relationship and he is the second son of his parents..There are still 13 younger siblings below him..


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  • Maybe the thought of proposing hasn't crossed his mind yet. He does want to marry you but not yet and hasn't really thought about it much, so maybe you caught him off guard. I wouldn't worry about it, don't let it affect your relationship, because long distance is hard and something like that could destroy it. So just forget about it, he has said that he wants to be that guy so if I was you I would leave it at that :)


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  • Wait for him to want to propose, don't pressure him into it. It's more fun when you get it as a surprise too, right!

    • yep, anyways..I just give the idea that I won't reject his proposal but it doesn't mean that he must have his proposal

  • Have you tried asking him again?

    • Actually I just include that in my love letter so it arrive at a point wherein we're talking about it.

  • maybe he just isn't ready to do it, you just have to ask him.

    • well I just told him that I had that kind of dream but it doesn't mean that I am forcing him to do it right now