I like this girl but she has some baggage?

and we work together. I'll try to cut most of the boring details. Long story short; I've always thought she was cute, and word got to her that I thought that just recently. We've been talking a lot since then. She initiates most of the conversations/texts.

The reason I never pursued this before was the fact that she was married and has 2 children. Well apparently, The marriage went sour, and he moved out of state. This was about the time we started talking. I should also say that this was her doing. She kicked him out, he has the broken heart..

Women: What do you think this girl wants? Just sex or more? I'm OK with both. The more we talk, the more I like her and I find myself thinking about her alot. Is it possible she's ready to move on already?

Fellas: what do you think? She I stop thinking about her? I don't like when I can't get a girl out of my head. It's annoying to me but I like her. Should I try to take her out a couple times, or just cut the BS and invite her over to my apt for a movie?

I'm a little scared I've never dated anyone with kids, Tho maybe she just wants sex but she hasn't been very clear. She's been messaging me a lot so it makes me think she wants more but her "husband" left literally like 6 days ago.. I guess there marriage has been bad for a while now, but could she really be looking for a new partner this soon?


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  • She's most likely looking for sex, but if you really like her and can't stop thinking about her you should probably stop talking to her because there's still a good chance that she might get back w/her ex since things are to recent. But if you only want sex go for it invite her over to your place and if she accepts then their you go you have the answer to what she really wants.


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  • I think she wants more, but is so terrified of hurting you, that she has no chioce


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  • Probablly looking for sex.