What makes someone marriage material in your opinion?

What makes someone marriage material in your opinion?

And how old are you now and at what age would you like to get married?


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  • i think being marriage material has a lot to do with being able to balance multiple things, being empathetic, being patient, having good control over your emotions. I think being able to love someone while not putting yourself to the side (or the opposite: being self-centered) is also very important in becoming 'marriage material.'

    i'm 21, I think 26-27 is a decent age to get married.


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  • What makes someone marriage material, to me means that they are ready to commit. Are past the party stage, and are willing to put others first. Someone who knows their priorities and are doing the responsible things, not just the fun things. Someone who wants kids (because I want them some day), wants to get married, is willing to work on things no matter how hard it gets. And someone who is willing to do things for the other person to help them out.

    I am 22, and I would like to get married when I am 25+. Hopefully it happens, but I am kinda thinking it might not...

  • i would like to get married at 25 & up

    a while ago my boyfriend and I discussed about getting married soon but after I thought abput it more I decided I should wait because I havn't hit age 20 yet and the 20s are suppose to be the best years of your life! I want to experience as much as I could before I settle down, not that I can't do things when I'm married but I just want to see that after so and so years with this person that they will still be around and I didn't make a mistake in marrying them.

    i think what makes a person marriage material is someone who and provide for the family and has a job that at least makes us financially stable so when we do plan on having kids we would be fine. I've always wanted someone who I can have plenty of adventurous memories with as well

  • - Good with kids

    - Honest

    - Respectful

    - Mature

    - Doesn't have a drug/alcohol problem

    - Can hold down a job

    - Past the partying stage

    - Doesn't flirt with every girl

    - Morally compatible ~ somewhat on the same level

    Other preferences would be:

    - No kids - girlfriend or previous marriage

    - Hasn't been married before

    I'm 20. I could see myself married in 2 years, but then again I'm more mature then most of my friends and some guys I've met. I'm past the parting stage so whenever Mr. Right does come along, I think that I'll be ready.

  • things like

    - he is good with children and wants some on his own. Ideally he has mentioned his future children at some point. Not on first date but at some point

    - has a steady job and is finacially responsible

    - he treats his parents well but at the same time isn't all over them (especially his mom) he needs to be independent too

    - he wants to get married

    - he doesn't overly look at other girls or flirts with them or even cheats, that's unacceptable

    - he's that family man and if possible is close to his family and likes mine

    - looks

    - he's always there for me or at least trying to be and he keeps promises

    a plus would be if he can cook, knows how to fix things, is into football and hockey and his house is not a total mess.

    I'm actually getting married next year, but I would have planned it be later like with 25 - 27

    I would honestly say that Ted Mosby is marriage material, but I guess in the end you just need to fit to each other

  • If he's someone I can see who will encourage and support me along the way. Someone who's here for the hard times, not just the good

  • good personality is number one on this one

  • Marriage material guys are no longer in their player phase and have a solid understanding of who they are and what they want to accomplish in life. I'm 23 now, and I would like to get married within the next 10 years, preferably within the next 5, but that's asking a lot given that I don't even have a boyfriend atm.


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  • Someone I can always rely on to be there for me. Who nurtures me and sees the best in me. Though it's so general.

    I'm 24 and would like to be married at 30. Not later than 35. And definitly no kids before 30.

  • Be a good father, husband. As for the age, I'm too old and over the hill for that now. All hope is lost :(