Is it okay if a woman proposes marriage to a man?

Ladies, would you ever propose marriage to a man? And guys what do you think of women popping the question first? Is this the age where it should be more common or should tradition still be carried out when it comes this. Girls, feel free to say why you would or would not and if you even support the idea. Guys, just say what you think about it. Thoughts, opinions and experiences are welcome.


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  • I'm all up for equality and women chasing men. But there's no way in hell I'd like it if my girl (hypoteticly in this case) would propose to me. Seriously, call me old-fashioned but I want to pop the question. And if a man is ready for marriage, he'll propably ask it soon anyway.


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  • I'm fine with it, its been tradition since forever for the man to do it, but then again, if we don't break tradition we'll never evolve as humans.

    If the girl feel she is ready for it, then I don't see any reason why not to ask, if anything drop major hints which basically tells the guy what she wants, and I mean major, these minor hints are always missed by us.

    • Could you mention some of these hints. Like, what is a hint that would make you realize this chick wants a proposal?

  • I don't forsee that cultural tradition changing anytime near or distant future. It is still the man's job to do that.

    • I agree with you but I read an article about how more women in the UK are being the first to propose in their relationships. I thought it was interesting and wanted to know what people on this website thought.

  • I really don't understand the tradition.

    Women expire very fast. They are pretty ripe at 25, over-ripened at 30 stale at 40.

    Men never expire, we just get older.


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  • I prefer if the guy does it in my case. It's more romantic that way. Men don't seek marriage like women do. Yes some men plan to get married, but a lot of men try to put it off for as long as they can. I can see why, marriage isn't always favourable for guys as it is girls. But think having the guy propose would be more romantic, because I know guys could care less about the wedding day, so it would mean more that they would do that for me :) I hope pple understand what I mean and don't take this the wrong way :P

    • I guess I should add to my answer, that I think it's okay for a woman to propose. If that is what she wants to do, then go for it! Why not? Just for me, its not what I want to do. But I think that people should do what their heart tells them, so if your heart is telling you to propose, then do it :)

  • I'd want my boyfriend to do it.

    And we would have spoken about marriage before he'd propose so he'd be pretty sure of my stance on the relationship, my love for him and my answer.

    Being a 'modern woman' I have no explanation as to why I would want him to do it, it's just how I feel.