Ask for a matching ring?

Me and my boyfriend have been together for a while, we're in a long distance relationship. He's coming to visit soon and I wanted to get matching rings... I'm pretty sure I'm not translating this right :S In my country, boyfriends and girlfriends get these "matching rings" after being together for a couple months. They have nothing to do with engagement or future engagement, they're just to show the couple is committed and it's a pretty sweet gesture if a guy gives his girl that.

I have no idea if people do that in my boyfriend's country and I don't want to ask his friends either. I'm worried about getting married or something like that now and I don't want him to get the wrong idea.

So does anyone know if couples do that kind of thing in Australia? Do you guys think it's OK to tell him that I want one?


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  • Just explain the significance and I bet he'll go for it.

    When I was in Australia, I didn't really hear anything about it. But then again, I thought Girls had cooties back then, so I wasn't really looking for it.

    Which Country do you live in? I'm kinda curious as to which culture does this :)


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  • sure, tell him you want one, and explain what they mean


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  • go for it. it sounds sweet