Could I be responsible for husband's debt?

we live in California which is a community property state and he has over $10,000 in debt owed to not paying tickets off before we met and he has medical bills when we got married. I have credit that has no bad marks on it meaning I have no credit. plus we have seperate checking accounts which will stay that way since I found out he has debt. I don't want my credit messed up because of him. honest answers please. thanks


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  • You are not responsible for it, especially parking tickets that he did not pay for. Those are on him. I would say you can help him out some, but you are not responsible for it.

  • You'll need a lawyer to really get an answer. (Slashdot disclaimer: IANAL.) My recollection is that debts incurred before the marriage are specifically on the one person, though a collection action during the marriage could affect your money too. The laws for this are state level.


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