Is it weird that I am not ready to marry?

Is it weird that after over 3 years with my great boyfriend I would say no if he asked me to marry him? We both have been through divorces and have discussed how it is hard to think about marriage. Even though we do say we want to be with each other for the rest of our lives. I am just SCARED to, ya know 'if it's not broke don't fix it'.

Hope I'm ready someday.


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  • no youve already been married, what's the point of doing it again it would be kinda stupid


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  • If you both talked about it and have been divorced before it's only natural to be cautious. So long as you love each other and are on the same page in terms of that decision then all is good. If not,then talk to him.

  • It's not that weird. A lot of people are afraid of marriage these days, even without already having a prior divorce. My boyfriend says he never wants to get married sadly...

  • its perfectly okay not ot want to repeat the expereince again ! ...

    specially because your expereince was a bad one that would always make you feel like not ready and not wanting to be categorized as "married" yet you are fully committed to a guy whom you love and want to complete your life with ...

    shall you feel anytime that you are ready to be Mrs. "whatever your guy's name" just tell him that you are ready and re-discuss the issue again