I want to propose to my girlfriend, and we have been together for 3 years now?

I'm 19 and she's just turned 21. And at the moment we are both living in a flat and it just feels like it's time that I ask her, because I feel that as every day goes on we get closer and closer and I know we, well I am still young but I love her to bits and it would be a dream come true, it would be a lesbian marriage btw,

But my question is I wan't a romantic way of asking her so I'm trying to get suggestions from people, so any help would be amazing.

And by the way, I already have the ring :) x

Thanks xx


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  • try taking her to a movie or something that's what my boyfriend does for me haha! when he wants to talk about somthing important like that well he only brought it up once but yeah try doing something like that


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  • it's hard to give advice like that because nobody knows your relationship better than you! My advice is to just do something together that you both love, like a tradition or something and ask her then, it will make it all the more special.