Getting married at a young age......Good or bad?

What do you think the pros and cons for this? At what age do you think you are ready to get married?

  • 18-25
    14% (28)12% (15)13% (43)Vote
  • 25-35
    51% (104)53% (65)52% (169)Vote
  • 35-40
    1% (3)6% (7)3% (10)Vote
  • It doesn't matter as long as I'm ready
    29% (59)21% (26)26% (85)Vote
  • Hello,i choose to stay single !
    5% (10)8% (10)6% (20)Vote
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  • Getting married young 18-24 - Pros = None

    Getting married young 18-24 - Cons = A lot tougher than most other ages because majority of time most people in this age group aren't successful yet and have other things going on in their life.

    Best age to marry is around 30+. Though I would say its mostly for men, since we are still expected to be the bread winners and the head of the family. You need a mature man with success and life experience.

    BTW this is no knock on women but even successful women like the security that a strong man can provide. She does not want to be a mother to her husband.

    Plus biologically women are more in a rush to have kids than men. So 25-35 is the window when most women want to have kids. A man can have kids at any age, but its riskier for 40+ year old women to have kids.

    • I can't post links but if you google 'risks of older men having children' you will see that men should be thinking about having children before they get too old. It is not as risky as older women but still poses risks due to his age. Just because he can produce sperm does not mean it's a good idea to have kids.

    • well, I graduated in college when I was 19y.o way tooo early its a 4year course and took the Nursing exam which is like NCLEX in states and I passed it then I am a Registered Nurse here and I am 22y.o now but I can tell that I am ready for marriage thing, if someone will ask me, because I know I achieve already something in life... I will marry someone who is RESPONSIBLE and mature than me...thats all :) hehe :))

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  • We were both 20 when we started, 25 when we got married: since we were out of money we waited until both of us had a paid full time job.

    My brother and my sis in law married when they were 38 or so, their kids were 5 and 7then ( I guess)

    My mother married at 23 and (despite her masters degree) was clearly too young when I came the same year.

    That's very individual.

  • Well, I married young and was just recently divorced. I thought we would grow together and that she was as mature as I felt and thought she was.

    I would think you need to know who you are before even considering marriage.

  • as long as both parties are both emotionally and financially stable by all means get it on with the wedding bells!

  • I think for guys it's at 30-32 and for a girls 24-26.

  • i said B

    its just a lot easier, but at the same time your not going to have kids till later in life

    • Do you think its late for girls to get marry at the age of 30?

    • no not really, but I wanna be able to play with my kids etc... and you know if I don't get married till 30 that means I wouldn't have kids till 31-32 so yeah when theyre my age now I'll be old =P

    • ^_^

  • In my experience, it's best to get married when you're in your late 20's or older. Before that, you don't really have a good grasp of who you are and what you want out of life.

    • Do you think its bad for women to get married at the age of 30?

    • No, there's nothing wrong with getting married at 30. Most people are established in their careers by then, and having children is still an option.

    • thanks for your opinion:)

  • women mid twenties men early thirties

    • but marriage in todays day and age, is not for most people, its very few people that should actually get married

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    • I'm sure you'll make some lucky dudette-woman very happy

    • im sure of it, but the question is, will I accept her as my wife. finding a girl to marry isn't the hard part

  • I don't really believe in marriage. There's a 60% chance in America it's gonna end in pain and your possessions taken away. I'd rather be selfish for the rest of my 20s and most of my 30s.

    • Would you marry then?

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    • Yeah, that's why I don't wanna marry either. American women don't understand how much hard work and effort we put through for our possessions and just because she isn't happy with me, whether with good reasons or bad reasons, have almost all our prized possessions taken away and put out on the streets. What's worse is American women don't even feel bad about it and try to suck every little money out of you. Like they are some emotionless human beings or something.

    • Are you generalizing the whole of them? I think there must be some that are still understanding...

  • If I found the right girl in my life I would get married in a month.

    • lol thts rushing:P

    • Yeah, true but if I believed she was the right girl and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her I would. I don't think age really have anything to do with it if you truly love the person. Well I mean age doesn't matter when getting married as long as your old enough to think for yourself. That's just my opinion though.

  • It really doesn't matter as long as you can support the you children, you are ready for that person, you can handle all the things.. Bt I i were going to marry I would choose between 20-30.

  • getting married at a young age like 18-20 isn't a good idea because you are still kids. But 21 and on is better. Most of my friends that are younger then me are married and they have kids now, and I'm 28. I should be married by now

    • Good luck:D

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    • things are going to turn around for the Colts. They can't go all year without winning a game can they?

    • nah, they'll get lucky and win one or two.

  • I think it just comes down to two people loving each other and being ready. Some people will love each other and never want to get married. People shouldn't feel obligated to do it at a certain age.

  • Just make sure you get all your craziest desires out of your system first

  • Somewhere in the thirties . below the age of 20 isn't good imho

    • You still have many years :D

  • I feel ready now and I'm 22. I've felt that way since 20.

    • Go on then :D

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    • People can try all they want, but I'm never convinced.

      What the hell does that mean? Getting it together. No reason to waste your life and with that attitude you will. It's nobody's fault but yours.

    • I'm saying people try to convince me to exercise all the time, but they're wasting time and effort because it's doesn't work. I apparently would rather waste my life then exercise and just have no stuff with girls.

  • I will have to say 25-35

  • When I'm making $100,000/year I'll start thinking about it... Hopefully before I'm 35.

    • Good luck with that. Especially with a SN like 'daytrader'.

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    • Why do you need that specific level of income?

    • So that I can get my kids a good education and my wife wouldn't have to work.

  • For the life of me I can't understand why anyone would get married these days. Especially when they are young. That's a good way to f*** up your life especially if you have a kid with that person. Sadly too many people think with their groins and emotions instead of their brains.

  • What is the point of getting married?

    If two people want to be together, because life is better together than apart, let them be together.

    If two people don't want to be together, because life is better apart than together, let them not be together.

    If you can do that same thing, without substantial entry and exit costs (wedding planners, churches, lawyers, etc.), then why not keep that wealth and spend it on your relationship and family instead?

    The only reason a "CONTRACT" as opposed to day-to-day at-will partnership agreement would make sense, is if ONE of the partners KNOWS that the OTHER will NOT prefer to voluntarily be together with him or her.

    If everyone is happy, there's no reason for anyone to leave or walk away. But if you KNOW the other person won't be happy down the road, then insisting on a contract makes sense.

    So, I'm always really highly skeptical and put off by people who insist on contracts. If I'm a tenant, and I pay my rent on time, and I don't start problems, every landlord wants me. So if my landlord sucks, I want the freedom to walk away and be happy with my life. If I'm a landlord, and I fix any problems my tenants have, and I've very flexible and understanding of their situations, every tenant wants me. So if my tenants suck, I want the freedom to get rid of them and be happy with my life.

    BUT! If I KNOW that (I, not the other person) sucks, I want to lock-in the other person. I know nobody will want me down the road, so why not get someone to agree TODAY, RIGHT NOW, THIS SECOND, that they want me, once and for all, and be bound to the consequences forever? I don't want to have any incentive (or burden) or making the other person happy. The higher the cost of them leaving me, the less I have to worry about them being happy. In that case, a contract makes perfect sense.

    So, I don't think any age is a right age to get married.


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  • i voted b. but late 20's ealry 30's is ideal. providing you know and dated each other for a while.

  • I picked B

    You have to completely know yourself before you

    get married. Also, you have to be mature. Or else,

    you can grow apart from each other. Not to mention,

    it is probably best to be done with college or almost

    done with it.

    • Do you think its late for us women to marry at the age of 30? I heard people said we would have difficulty to deliver a baby..

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    • thank you. ha ha and I agree :))

    • welcome:)

  • I see myelf getting married around 26-28, but as long as it's to the love of my life, age doesn't matter.

  • I think if you know you're ready, getting married at a young age is tempting, but personally I would wait until I am older. I'm 18 right now. My parents met in college (at the age of 18). They dated briefly, broke up, and then stayed friends--they ended up getting married when they were 25. Even if I found the person I wanted to marry, I think I would wait at least until I was 25 (out of college, out of grad school, starting my first job, etc). And actually, I like the idea that you can meet the person you'll marry when you're young, you stay in contact, and then when you're older and more mature, you get married.

  • I'd say ideally late 20s :)

  • I marry when I find someone to share my life with.. No later no sooner.. We grow and change our ENTIRE lives. Waiting for a stand still is pointless.. so 21+ is good to me..

  • I think 30 (and above) is the perfect age to get married and have children. You're mature enough and you have the needed energy to cope with it :) Then again... I am just 18. Could be wrong :)

    • not many men are going to want to marry a 30 year old women, unless he's 40

    • I think there are some as long as the girl isn't look like his mama lmao:D

    • Dudeman that depends on the woman don't make conclusions like that. A lot of women look amazing at the age of 30.

  • Cons might be both people aren't fully matured and are who they will be, so there will be conflicts and changes in the relationship I think more then when you are older and things are more "stable".

  • I can see myself getting married at 26 or 27.

  • Depends to the person but if she/he is way too young then there would be a tons of adjustments in life... Marriage thing is not easy but for me you should know the person very well before entering in marriage life because its a big responsibility to do:) Godbless...

  • I say early/mid 20's and up. Like starting from 23+


    1. you're safe from the "outside"

    2. you're secured


    1. may not have experienced life yet

    2. too young to make promises

    Idk, I feel like I'm not fully explaining myself right now because I'm super tired and I'm suppose to review my law notes for my upcoming exam. Sorry :/

  • Once you've got a grasp on who you are and are stable enough career/etc wise to do it.

    Which is typically somewhere in the B range. Given the amount of time it takes to get through college- find a job- etc. That's become the route. Much later and fertility for women starts to decline, so for those who want healthy, non-adopted, not invertro kids- that's kinda the age bracket to shoot for.

    Granted- I know people in the A range who've got it all worked out. (Yay them!)

    And both my parent receptively would be in the Over C range and are/getting re-married (yay for them!)

    [But they would've been B aged when they got hitched initially]

    Personally- I want to be a B. At least parent wise, I think if I'm not hitched by the end of B I'd consider adopting. I just don't really want to be nearing or past 60 by the time my kids get to college.

  • Marriage - betting half of everything you have that they'll love you forever.

  • imo, marrying at a young age isn't a good idea. Personally , get married at 25 or older is ideal.

  • 25-35

  • getting married this month actually

  • my ex and I would be married by 18 if our situations didn't mean we would never be together again.

    I don't see myself marrying anyone other than him now, even in this new relationship.

    It hurts my partner, but its the truth.

    If things turned out the way we had wanted, we'd still be happily married now.

  • I picked "D" because everyone is different. People should get married when they are ready. My mom's cousin git married at 23, and his wife was 18. They are still HAPPILY married until this day (35 years of marriage and going strong).

    I know someone else who waited to get married in their early 30's divorced in 7 years. :\

    I think it depends really. This is my personal opinion of course.

    • You always give good opinion=)

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    • cool;)

    • *wink*wink* ;)

  • I chose 25-35 as an age to get married because I would hopefully be in a stable place in my life and would be ready then.

  • I hope that I marry young

  • Not before 25 preferably for me personally but if everything is going great and you all are compatible and serious , why not?

  • I'm 18 and I'm kind of freaking, because my boyfriend brought up marriage the other day...and I didn't think he was that serious...but his friends were like...a dude will NOT bring up marriage in a relationship unless he's actually thought about it.

    on one hand.

    he's amazing, he stands by me when no other man has the guts to, he's loyal, trustworthy, makes me laugh I am completely in love with him

    but on the other hand.


    marriage at my age is a bad idea.

    • For me its too young...

  • Unless it is for religious reasons then getting married at any age in this day and age is for morons. Look at the divorce rate. Look how many people cheat. Hell there are even websites for married people to meet other people to cheat with. It is not worth it.

  • it recorded my vote wrong. wtf. lol. anyways I said c =P

    • wow really...:D

      How old are you now?

    • lol 21

    • still have many years...enjoy your life !

  • I think that the younger the better, but only if you are ready. that way, the two of you have time to settle before you get to the point where you are getting a little old to have starting to have kids in your thirties is pushing it...and it gives you a longer marriage, and being married young gives you time to have fun together for a while while you are still pretty young. personally, I would love to get married right out of high school. that would be perfectly fine with me.