Getting married at a young age......Good or bad?

What do you think the pros and cons for this? At what age do you think you are ready to get married?

  • Vote A 18-25
  • Vote B 25-35
  • Vote C 35-40
  • Vote D It doesn't matter as long as I'm ready
  • Vote E Hello,i choose to stay single !
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  • Getting married young 18-24 - Pros = None

    Getting married young 18-24 - Cons = A lot tougher than most other ages because majority of time most people in this age group aren't successful yet and have other things going on in their life.

    Best age to marry is around 30+. Though I would say its mostly for men, since we are still expected to be the bread winners and the head of the family. You need a mature man with success and life experience.

    BTW this is no knock on women but even successful women like the security that a strong man can provide. She does not want to be a mother to her husband.

    Plus biologically women are more in a rush to have kids than men. So 25-35 is the window when most women want to have kids. A man can have kids at any age, but its riskier for 40+ year old women to have kids.

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      I can't post links but if you google 'risks of older men having children' you will see that men should be thinking about having children before they get too old. It is not as risky as older women but still poses risks due to his age. Just because he can produce sperm does not mean it's a good idea to have kids.

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      well, I graduated in college when I was 19y.o way tooo early its a 4year course and took the Nursing exam which is like NCLEX in states and I passed it then I am a Registered Nurse here and I am 22y.o now but I can tell that I am ready for marriage thing, if someone will ask me, because I know I achieve already something in life... I will marry someone who is RESPONSIBLE and mature than me...thats all :) hehe :))