Being told you will be a good husband?

Anyone been told this? What was the situation and how did you take this?

I was told this in high school by girls who had absolutely no attraction to me. It was like them saying "Oh when we want to settle down and not have fun we'd go with you." Like I would take of them and their 5 kids from 5 different guys. Thanks lol

Even told the girl who wanted to bang me but not date me and she said "You would be." Thanks. You won't date me but later in life when we are after stability sure.


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  • Translation:when I'm done f***ing all the bad boys who provide nothing but orgasms, I'll settle for you, the man who will provide everything but orgasms.

    Not a compliment in my book.


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  • i doubt it's about you not being fun,you're probably caring,sweet and responsible-they can see you as a husband and father. it's not that they don't like you,it's just that they see you as more of a long-term relationship kind of guy,not a fling-which they're looking for at that age.

    • Yea, but that sucks. it pretty much meant I had to be lonely from 16-23. Then "dated" a girl for like a month.

    • well I didn't say that it didn't suck,i just told you what it was,you can't change it now-unless you want to slut yourself out now and become a ''playa'',but that will just ruin you

    • I know you didn't. Nah, I couldn't just go around slutting it up. Not equipped to do that. I would just get brain f*cked some more. Guess I will just wait til I'm like 35 and some lonely woman comes on to me.

  • its a compliment, assuming you want to get married someday.

    I don't think the problem is that those girls don't want you, they don't seem to want a serious relationship at all

    • But is it a compliment when its girls who don't want you? The one's in high school, believe me, didn't. It's like calling me boring and stuff.

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    • girls who want a relationship, will want you. Those girls didn't. What they meant to say is that your sweet,caring and reliable, all good qualities in a boyfriend, but worthless in a one night stand

    • Yea. I'm mr reliable. I won't cheat on you beat you anything like that. So I'll always be there. Sucks

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  • Very bad sign.

    It means they don't want to fool around with you but think you'd be a good stable relationship. For when they decide to give up on having fun hot sex and 'grow up'. Women will constantly act like this means you 'win' in the end. They think that because they take it for granted that they can get sex on demand, its getting commitment that's hard for them. So they assume that since you get commitment and stability, you win.

    But its the opposite for men as they get older. If you're a decent guy with a decent job, you can get married pretty easily if you're not too picky. Its getting a woman who is excited about you that's more of a challenge, for 'nice guys'.

    If they're not interested in fooling around with you, they might marry you at some point, but they won't be that excited about fooling around with you once you're married either. Sound like winning?

    You're doing something wrong, or projecting the wrong vibe. Solve this and do NOT date anyone seriously until you do.

    • Yup. 100% agree with you

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    • Did you treat her differently? Want sex? Try to be sweet? Make yourself more available? etc?

    • I acted more comfortable at first. Does that make sense? Like I was really scared when we going to do it, for various reasons, and she was cool about it. So afterward I was more like "listen, I like you" . No more being coy or any bs. Didn't get too available/clingy until the next week she kind of pushed me away emotionally. Then I did.

  • I've been told that a couple of times. I take it as a compliment. It means someone sees qualities about me that provide for a happy marriage and family.

    Funny story about that, though. The last time someone told me that, it was a married male coworker and he told me that because I'd made some lasgana from scratch and brought some in for lunch one day. It got some good reviews :)

  • Oh yes. A few times. I just took it for what it was worth. Don't hear it much anymore.

  • I've gotten you will be a great father, but girls that I've dated usually avoid the marriage issue with me.

  • Hi, I am you in 10 years.

    Your prediction is true. Girls will not consider you till you are my age (and make good money). And whatever they did in those 10 years doesn't count. So you get used to that idea.

    You will get a lot of action and attention at my age. Because you did not stay a "cool" barista or bartender but made something out of your life. The problem is that you will get bitter over girls choosing losers constantly over you. And if you can't get past that then you will be alone. Well, sort of. Since you have money and all. But certainly not truly happy.

    Girls see their 20s as time to have fun. And then fresh start dating marriage material guys. And expecting them to have done the same. And they don't understand why/how those men got bitter over the years (this forum too is full of questions like that).

    The only solution I can really offer you is have a lot of "fun" but never lose track of your career.