Is it possible a married man told his wife about an attraction he had to me?

Could it be possible/normal for a man to tell his wife he had an attraction to me? He tried approaching me at church, but I went the other direction as I realized what he was up to. Ever since then, they have moved to different sections to avoid me, and now when I saw him standing with his wife the other day, she gave me a dirty look and rolled her eyes. Even tho nothing became of it, could he have told her who I am? Okay not sure I would find that worth mentioning, as no affair took place. But I found it a little strange that he involved me. Any ides? It's a little embarrassing, esp. nothing happened.


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  • well if you noticed it then surely his wife who knows him best noticed it. maybe she said something to him about it but he never said a word himself? I can see why this is bothering you but it really has nothing to do with you. unless you were encouraging his behavior you've done nothing to feel badly about and you shouldn't concern yourself so much with what she thinks of you because she's got bigger issues than you right now. just feel pity for her and try to be out of their way. the more you focus on them and watch them the more she's going to think there WAS something going on so take their lead and steer clear and stop thinking about it. you're there to praise the Lord so concentrate on that instead.

    • I know what you are saying about moving on, and concentrating on the Lord. But, this is my reputation. And I am so glad I never fed into it, or gave him any indication that I was interested. Even tho, I felt the attraction. I acknowledged it, then distanced myself. It's a huge parish so it is easy to distance yourself, but thye were standing in the entrance one day when I walked in. I had no idea she even knew who I was, but lo and behold it was very obvious she knows about me. For what?

    • but the more you act guilty the more guilty you seem...know what I mean? just act like your normal self if you go around acting like "omg why is she looking at me like that what if what if WHAT IF?!" then she's going to think you have something TO feel guilty about...know what I'm sayin? at this point this isn't your problem it's hers. it's entirely possible that he told her you had the hots for him and if so there's nothing you can do about it, even if you said something she wouldn't believe u


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  • If nothing happened, why bother worrying? ... Opening up and telling the truth, while you both know that you actually didn't do anything wrong right? So, it's best just to forget about it and to move on... But if it keeps haunting you or bothering you, than you might give it a try to talk about it. But I think that his wife isn't just into talking with you... can better avoid those kind of possessive wives, they see you as a sort of dangerous, that might just poison her 'perfect' marriage..


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  • Knowing men, since you shut him down, he told his wife that you came on to him so you would never be able to tell her different, so now she thinks you are an evil vixen. Ya think? Happens all of the time. Next time you see them, ignore the dirty look, don't even look at him, walk by and compliment something about/on her. Then just smile and keep walking. And beyond that, I would let it go.

    • Do you understand why it would have been worth mentioning the incident to her? He was the usher at church, and she was not there the day it happened. So, he would have had to gone out of his way to tell her. It also wouldn't have been worth mentioning because nothing even became of it. This is a case where this would have been better left unsaid, in my opinion. That is if he did tell her. I thought about that too, complimenting her, so she doesn't think I am a threat. I feel bad for her.

    • Yes. I feel for both of you. You for it happening and her for being married to him, probably knowing what he does and having to accept it and deal with it. So maybe she is just being territorial. It may not be anything directly personal with you. I would just continue acting normal and not let it bother you unless something arises.