What's the point in marriage?

I'm not saying I don't wanna be married someday, but what's the point in it? Your spouse can still cheat on you(divorce rates are high), and weddings can cost alot. Why is it that some girls seem so anxious to get married? Is it just a sense of making it "official"?


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  • the point is so the woman can have a big special day all about her and so she can feel like she now "owns" her man as if men are a commodity, this creates a false sense of security and women like to feel secure even if its not real.

    • What's false about it? Alimony is real :p

    • hahah yea kheserthrope is right on... she DOES own her man... women initiate 75% of divorces.. can take you to cleaners even if they're abusing you and cheating on u


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  • Its romantic.

    Also, there are big financial guarantees for the lower income spouse, even if things fall apart.


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  • Yeah, I think its the "official" thing. Its basically feeling like the search is over. No more breakups... no more drama. He is officially yours. I don't think marriage is pointless, but I think people need to stop rushing it and spend the time finding that one person who truly can be dedicated to you for the rest of their life. I use to be a girl who wanted to be married at 22. I thought 25 was pushing it and 30 was a hell no. But now, after having so many failed relationships, I'm not so sure. I'm willing to wait until I'm 30 if that means marrying the man who truly can love me and be dedicated to me for the rest of my life.

  • it a commitment thing,bf-gf relationships are easy to get out of,but when you get married,it's a clusterf*** when you try to get out of it so it makes you feel like your relationship is more permanent

  • divorce rates are high

    yes they are. but so are break up rates.

    what's the point in dating then?

    • When you're dating, you don't p[romise to keep paying the other person for years if you break up, so that's a little different.

    • *nods...

    • I think it's sad that you're all so money driven and put that before anything else. it's pathetic