Sex: good, bad, and just plain ugly

there were some questions on here about premarital sex and stuff and a lot of guys said that they wouldn't be able to date a girl who decided to wait for marriage. somebody even said that you have to "test drive" the car before you buy it because sex is important and normal part of the relationship and there needs to be some sexual compatibility in order for the relationship as a whole to work.

so, question to all:

if you and your girl/guy were together for a bit and you love each other. you think they're amazing, hands down but you have sex and it's awful. not really as great as you thought and no matter how you do it, there's always something that just doesn't satisfy you with them - do you just dump them?

everything else is great, but the sex is not. what do you do?


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  • Prior to getting married, I didn't know the importance of sexual intimacy in a relationship. I am now married and realize the significant difference in our sexual compatibility. Thus, even if everything else is great in a relationship, as long as there is no sexual compatibility, there is not going to be a happy marriage. Awful sex leads to minimal sex. During the times when you do have sex, it's just sex and there will not be an intimate connection (making love) because the sex is just so awful. In my opinion, the longer you don't have sex, one party will lose attraction in the other partner. Your marriage then becomes two best friends living together. In conclusion, some level of sexual compatibility needs to exist in order to have a happy marriage.


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  • If the sex is important enough to you that you couldn't see yourself staying with that person happily for a long time, then yes, I would dump them.


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  • well how bad is the sex? If its bad, then you need to tell the guy what you want and where you like to be touched/what positions you like etc. If the guy doesn't listen and learn from this, then you should dump him! Sex is needed and important in a relationship-its a physical form of communication. If the relationship is going well, then the sex should be good but if you're p*ssed off with your boyfriend, then the sex will be less good/crap. Any tension in your relationship tends to show up in the bedroom unless you're one of those volatile couples who have make up sex all the time. You definitely need to have a test drive. What if you got married and you were stuck with someone for life who was awful at sex?