How do you see marriage?

I've heard men don't see marriage or anticipate it the way women do. When the benefits of marriage are doled out prematurely, from the man's perspective, all that remains are the responsibilities. You're thinking, "Marriage will be all this, plus we can set up a home, have babies, and grow old together." He's thinking, "Marriage will be all this, minus my freedoms, minus my financial independence, minus my old friends, etc.

And so you have the old cliche about the cow and the free milk. (Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?)

What is your opinion?


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  • i don't want to get married until I find a man that I fall madly in love with and have had some life experience on my own first. I see it as taking yourself out of the life of freedom and gaining responsibility for not just yourself but your partner and family too. I don't really see it as something to aspire to, if you find that person you want to grow old with then you do, but I am not super pressed on it.


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  • > When the benefits of marriage are doled out prematurely

    What benefits might that be, and why are they (or should they be) exclusive to marriage?


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  • I didn't use to see any point in marriage. Then I met my current boyfriend and he started talking about our future and marriage and everything and now I completely see the point. So I don't think that men and women necessarily see it in those ways. My boyfriend sure doesn't - he's more of the "woman" in that way than I am. lol

  • I find no point in marriage.