So what does this mean when my boyfriend said this?

My boyfriend said that he wants me to be his last girlfriend. he said he'd do anything for me and hopes we last for a long time he treats me amazing too..hes been hurt and just like me wants to have a serious relationship and settle down in the hopes of one day getting married he's two years older than me, I'm 18 and he's 20. some people might find it strange but honestly dating a bunch of people is a waist of time and too many heart breaks. The fact that he said this makes me happy but does he want this he's a guy and guys don't usually say this unless they mean it. he's wants soul mate(which is what he said)could I end up being with him for a long time or marriage if I don't think this through?


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  • Even if you think it through you could end up married. My advice, accept what he said, and if you feel similar, that's great. :) Yes, you're young, but I don't think that makes you too young to marry. If you love him and you two want to spend the rest of your lives together, go for it. That's sort of sounding like what he wants, but just because he wants that, doesn't make you required to want the same. Have fun, enjoy the two of you being together and living life and see what happens, don't stress over the "what ifs" they'll only drive you crazy.


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  • I'm at the same point in life but I wasn't this way at your age. I didn't really what to have a girlfriend till my early 20s.


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  • Well it's definitely a good start to potentially ending up in a long marriage. Wanting to be with someone forever is the starting point. Only time will tell what happens after that though. There are so many variables in life you can't guarantee what the future will hold.