What's the shortest time you've known a couple to be married?

im just curious.. Sometimes I think marriage is just overvalued and overpraised. Essentially sometimes I think people do it to fit in.

What's the shortest time you know? Do you know why it ended? If so elaborate


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  • my ex best friend's marriage lasted 5 months. I told her it was a bad idea... she still went through with it. Even had the nerve to say I was being a bad friend for not supporting her. Anyway, they divorced because they started doing MDMA together... overdosed... after that started fighting with each other and as they tried to get off the drug their marriage fell apart. She is now finishing university and he ex is a drug dealer. I am still a little mad at her... very little and for more than just this.


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  • 2 months...ridiculous. Divorce 4 months later

    • you know why it ended? lol

    • they just couldn't get along. lol. she even got pregnant :-0 they just argued ALL the time

  • Dont know her but Kim Kardashian! 72 days!

    • wow.. I guess I can't be surprised

  • About 41/2 months. I didn't win the pool I thought they would last about 8. Not kidding we all had a pool going to see how long or short they would last.

    It ended because they were so wrong for each other, everyone else could see it but them. She gave him the old "I love you but I am not in love with you" crap when she left.

    • didnt see that coming lol

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