Not that I plan on getting married any time soon, but what's your opinion? When is too young to get married, when is too old?


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  • It all depends on life experience, maturity, and the couple for me... I certainly think that high school/ right out of high school is too young. But then again, I look at my parents who married at 20, and have been very happily married for almost 27 years. I am 20, very in love with my boyfriend (who is 27), and we are seriously discussing marriage. We have both had a couple serious relationships before now, and neither of us have ever been so in love. I can't imagine my world without him. Being with him makes me a better person. We've both been very blessed in the way that we've been able to travel and see the world (gain perspective), meet lots of different kinds of people, watch our parents have very successful marriages, find ourselves spiritually... all things that I think contribute to a successful marriage. I think marriage is right for us, but it might not be right for another couple our age. As far as "how old is too old" goes... no such thing:) God created all love equally. If you find happiness in love at an old age, grab hold of it... what a blessing.

    • I always notice in topics like these that people say that statistically, young marriages end in divorce. That might be true... but the statistics aren't 100% one way or the other. And. Some if it is choice. If you go into your marriage knowing that it is hard work, and you are willing to put forth the effort, hopefully you won't become a statistic. Hopefully you will be a happily married couple with a long life together ahead of them.

    • I love what you said about your relationship. How long have you two been together? I'm with someone, with a similar age difference, and though we haven't been together long enough to even speak of marriage, I know it's something really special we have. I'd love if you'd friend me on here, and maybe we can message each other? Not a lot of people understand, and sometimes you want to talk about this kind of happiness! :)

    • we've been together almost a year! I will add you!:)


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  • Getting married in your late teens or very early twenties is silly in my opinion. I'd prefer to get married by 30, but I want to be together with her for at least 2 years before I propose.


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  • Honestly, there really is no age. I guess young would be in your teens and early 20's..but, I have seen people get married at 18 and are 70 and still together.

    I think it all depends on:

    -knowing ALL the flaws of that person

    -accepting all the flaws of that person

    -loving them (of course>>to me)

    -Them knowing all your flaws

    -Them being able to accept you, for you.

    I think it is also best to live together for a few years before marriage. You tend to get to know each other more that way. It is like, pre-marriage to me. Sharing bills, responsibilities, and knowing someones weakness with things..I think all will show when living together.

  • This question is a little old, but I'd thought I'd answer it anyways.

    I don't really have any proven statistics to back this up, but I think I've seem to gather a reasonable opinion.

    I think as long as people marry for the right reasons, age isn't really a factor. Though there may be statistics saying young marriage are least likely to last, they don't provide reasoning. (By the way, I feel like I read someone that statistically, young marriages are starting to have the same numbers, if not less, than older marriage- I could be imagining that- It doesn't really matter in my point, just saying haha.)

    There are a lot of cases of young people getting married because of unplanned pregnancies, benefits (Such as moving with their spouse who is in the military), etc. Then, there are older people getting into marriages because they simply feel as if they are running out of time, or some other reason.

    If two people have been together for a reasonable amount of time, love each other, and can truly imagine spending the rest of their lives with each other, I don't think any talk of their age should be thrown into the matter. If by chance they didn't work out, their age isn't to blame. Inevitably, some people are going to get divorces.

  • I want to get married when I'm done with school and perhaps have already made it into a blossoming career. I speculate that will be around age 25. Maybe sooner. I don't want to be one of those girls who hurriedly gets married. A lot of my friends are doing that. They are getting married in a hurry and often while still in debt. That's not going to be me. Also, I want to know nothing of the marriage until the man actually proposes to me. I want him to do so in a romantic way. If we got married in the winter, we'd honeymoon in Australia. But summer is completely doable as well. I'd want to go to St. Bart's or somewhere more unconventional.

    I would not move in with my fiance until we were actually married. I just don't believe in that. Because it puts you in a mindset thinking that something may go wrong and you're less likely to try hard to work things out because you're not officially binded together yet. Yeah I'm kind of an old fashioned girl ;)

  • whenever you're ready! if you truly love them.

  • To me a young age to get married is everything under the age of 24 or 25. Usually people who get married at a young age like their early twenties most likely won't work out, I've heard from some of my older sisters friends. Still in your early 20s, you're still immature and most likely not ready to pursue a long marriage.

  • If I get married, I want it to be by 26. By then I'll be done with school and starting my career so I'll be in a good place professionally and personally for a serious, committed relationship and to eventually start a family.

    I don't think there's any such thing as too young or too old. All that matters is the circumstances and when they align and you feel ready for marriage.