Why is she acting like this??

I have been with my girlfriend for about 3 and half years and we were even engaged at one point. But this past year we have been having a lot of problems and I don't know if its because she's a girl and is going through a lot but she went through a lot of phases where she didn't want to talk to me. Then there were times where we got a long amazingly. But it was never because of fights really, I think she just doesn't care for me as much. We talked lately and she told me she doesn't get that butterfly feeling with me anymore but she wants it and wants to fix us like we used to be. She used to think about me all the time and now she doesn't as much. I want to fix us but I feel powerless. I know there's no other guys involved or anything she just said she feels like somethings missing. I don't know how to make things better and I don't think this will be a quick fix by any means. Does anyone know what she's been going through and how I could fix it?


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  • you are both young and changing. hate to break it to you but that excitement wears off, even after marriage. it doesn't mean you don't love each other any more and it doesn't mean you won't have exciting times again. people change, relationships change. let's just say you got married and didn't have that excitement again until you had a baby. that's a different kind of excitement but one you can really only share with your spouse/parent of your child. basically, she needs to find contentment to make it work.


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  • if she misses how things used to be then make it that way. if you used to call her a lot, then do that again, girls like that. and just do anything else that you normally do. if you have been with her for such a long time then maybe your just changing as you get to know each other more. also don't blame everything on her, it could be you. andddd when she didn't want to talk to you, that usually means she just didn't want to get more mad at you, so you should have called her and left a message and/or just talked and said sorry for whatever you did or didn't do