How do I know if my boyfriend is the right one to marry?

We have been dating for 9 months and we are both in our 40's


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  • Only you can answer that, but we can help give you the questions to ask.

    - Are you compatible in ways that are really important? Kids? Religion? Financial discipline? Sexually? Etc.

    - Do both of you ACTIVELY work on your relationship? No one person can work hard enough on it to make up for the other person not doing so.

    - Are both of you willing to make BIG, DEEP sacrifices for each other should the need arise? As in, sell everything you own, or move across the world, away from your family, or whatever? Could your relationship survive if you had to, say, be apart from each other for 2 years?

    - Do you both WANT to be married? I'm not talking about the wedding or the honeymoon, I'm talking about once all that is behind you, is married life what both of you want? It comes with some big changes and sacrifices for both of you, but also with rewards. Not everyone wants that.

    - Finally, do you want to be married to EACH OTHER?

    If you both have positive answers to these questions, then you have your answer. If you can't, then you really need to talk things out, and see if they are things that both of you can live with or not.


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  • link

    Take the quiz. How did you fare? How do you think your boyfriend would fare? Have you talked a lot about marriage?


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  • You have to know deep down inside of you he's the one, who will always love you, care for you, make you laugh, be your shoulder to cry on, and will never leave you. My grandparents have been married for over 40 years now based on that. True love story. <3

  • If your questioning if he is the right one or not, he probably isn't.