Proposal: when should I start to worry?

I am living with my boy friend for a half year. I know it's too soon to worry about marriage proposal. However in my situation, I really need to know his long-term goal. So I could adjust mine. Because I don't want to ruin my career for nothing. I'm just wondering is it normal for guys don't say "I love you" and/or don't propose, even though the girl asked his long term interest? He's around 40s and I'm around 30s. So it's definitely time to think about marriage. He actually introduced me with his whole family but I am not yet. I would like to introduce him when things become a little bit clearer. I am a little bit concerned that he might have no long term interest in me. Because we started as friends with benefits. However, over the years our relationship grew. When I asked him directly he told me that he thinks about marrying with me but I'm worried that he might have lied to me since I'm kind of cornered him. What do you think?


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  • How long have you two actually been a couple?

    Personally, I wouldn't even consider proposing until at least two years into the relationsip.


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  • Why do you want to get married? To have kids?


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  • You've been together for years, you live together, and yet he doesn't say he loves you and you haven't brought him to meet your family yet? Something smells off in this relationship...