Stories of girls proposing?

Don't you think its cool that girls propose to guys in leap year? I think it should happen more. lol. Please share your stories were girls proposed


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  • I think it's awesome but scary as f***. I think the guy usually does it because guys typically don't commit as easily as girls do

  • i think it's great, I like the movie Leap Year too. but for some reason it also makes me cringe because of the people that are purposed to that don't want to get married - have you seen those videos on YouTube where someone says no to a proposal of marriage, it's heartbreaking. I think girls should ask men out more than they do to, I can understand not wanting to purpose, I think each gender is concerned with different things sometimes when it comes to making such a commitment - so they may not be on the same page if or when a female proposes, so I can understand waiting for the guy to do it when he is ready. but really what do I know I'm not married


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