Is it possible for a girl who has damaged her reputation in the past to bounce back and marry a good man?

Examples would be partied a bit too much, had a bit too many sex with too many guys, went out with a little bit too many bad guys, grades weren't too good in college, and similar not so good actions.


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  • this happens 50% of the time. most people don't walk around with a scarlett letter on their clothing due to their past choices. some people learn and better themselves and others don't change at all. the ones who haven't changed their behavior probably won't marry good men, but the ones who have likely will. most women who marry good men are the ones who know how to treat a man and have healthy self esteem. I know girls who've had little to no sexual partners and make good grades and still end up with sh*tty men because they don't have good self esteem and thus attract sh*tty guys. but yes former hoes do end up getting married to good guys sometimes. besides, how would he know anyway? its not like you really know EVERYTHING about your future partner


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  • Shouldn't judge her on her past but on her present. what has she learnt from it? what's her personality like, what are her goals? why is she here? what does she want? do you think girls 'like' being with bad guys and getting hurt? I don't think so. but if this girl says she's still into her ex, then that would be a problem. and what's your definition of too many? where did you hear this information from?


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  • Well not really, I mean it'll show.

    • I think it will show here and there, but not everything though. But I get what you mean.