What's your opinion on marriage? Is it losing it's popularity in our generation?

My girlfriend is always talking about marriage and how it's the best thing since sliced bread. And how she wants 4 kids and a house by the lake. And all I can think of is that she is going to get fat and fugly. Not to mention that 50% of marriages end in divorce and 75% of divorces are initiated by the woman.

This makes perfect sense when you look at "Family Law" where the guy loses his home, his car and half of his stuff, ends up paying through the nose for child support which his ex-wife uses to buy herself new stuff and forgets about the actual kids. Let's not forget about alimony which is basically a way to enslave a man into working for the rest of his life for his ex-wife who sits on her lazy ass at home and collects money from him because she "is not used to working and cannot get a job" but still wants to enjoy the same standard of living which he provided to her while married. Ridiculous! And if he loses his job for some reason, he can be held in contempt and jailed for non-payment. What about what he was used to during marriage, like a clean house and regular sex? Shouldn't she have to provide that for him?!

So I can't see how any men in America, Canada or Western Europe can still even consider getting married when it's clearly a terrible deal for guys. Any thoughts on this?


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  • It's pretty much the truth, if you ask me.


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  • I believe in marriage. I believe you can have a good long lasting marriage. I don't think marriage is easy, nor is keeping a good committed relationship stable though. I understand that a lot of marriages these days fail and I think its because of 1) their ideals of marriage; thinking it will solve all their existing problems within the relationship 2) one or both of them let themselves go physically; yes generally it is the wife and I don't agree with "letting yourself go" within a marriage because physical appearance is a part of your attraction (obviously) 3) taking each other for granted and a lack of respect and communication within the relationship.

    I think these days with our economy both people in the household, especially if you have a family, should have an income to keep everything stable. I think they should have similar life goals and similar morals and desires. I think both party's should maintain a good healthy appearance and figure. I think sex is an important component in marriage. And I think when it comes down to it you have to really love, trust and adore each other to make a vow to commit for the rest of your life!

  • A. the way they calculate the divorce rate is flawed. Those numbers include the people who are getting married 3+ times and obviously don't take it seriously enough. When the rate is figured by the total number of people who have ever been married and also gotten divorced, then it's actually only 30% of married people get divorced.

    B. " for his ex-wife who sits on her lazy ass at home and collects money from him because she "is not used to working and cannot get a job" but still wants to enjoy the same standard of living which he provided to her while married." -There you're assuming that every woman who gets married becomes a stay at home wife/mom. Which isn't usually the case these days. I plan on working still even if I get married.

    There are risks involved in anything in life. You could cross the street and get hit by a bus, does that mean you shouldn't leave the house? No! Just look before you leap and don't rush into the marriage and odds are it'll be fine.

  • "This is why women crave marriage. So they can take everything from us."

    Oh no, you're on to us.

  • Once I know what planet you are referring to, I might be able to help.

  • What a great attitude you have! I'm sure your marriage will last now!

    • As you can plainly see, I do not intend to get married. Being in a relationship meets all my needs perfectly well. Why would I screw all that up and marry?

  • but even if she doesn't get married, she can and will still get fat and fugly. you will too. youth doesn't live forever. we all grow up become adults and need to reproduce and get old and wrinkly and then die.

    life is also short people live up to late 60s and 70s now...and if the death expectancy has increased then you might as well complete your duties as a human and have kids, make a family, and pass your culture and teachings onto your offspring, and to do that the best way- you have to get married because a child needs both a mom and dad an a family to grow under- which is ideal I know single parents are cool too but its tougher, marriage makes a family prosper, and you have two sets of grandparents that kids can look up to, and learn heritage from and have family get togethers and meals...and learn cooking and secret recipes...marriage is so important. its not just about the couple its about your lineage and offspring and forming a new generation passing on your family legacy.

    the more you grow up the more you realize that. when you pass your guy phase in life and transition into a man, you will want to settle too and think about your offsprings future. you're just not ready yet to understand.

    also there's a reason why they say, women mature faster then men, and they become obsessed with marriage and kids and the house by the lake, because women are mothers in nature and once you turn 18 you're biologically wired to think about creating a good foundation for your children and future generations. its maternal instinct. whereas men want to enjoy their youth and have sex and don't wanna be tied down.


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  • get a prenup? maybe stop wasting your girlfriend's time?

    • So if it doesn't lead to marriage, I'm wasting her time? Why... so I can lose all my stuff and freedom to her in a divorce? This is why women crave marriage. So they can take everything from us.

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    • "if she expects to get married" am I missing something? leading people on is wasting their time

    • The problem with prenups is that a lot of them get tossed out during divorce proceedings because the woman's lawyer makes it seem like it's "unfair" to her.

  • its pretty much true

  • For you, don't get married unless you want to. Everyone is different, some people want to marry, like you girlfriend, while other don't, like you.

    As for who gets what in divorce, the person with the most money looses, whether it's the man or woman.