Mainly for the guys, if you made enough money how would you feel if?

your girlfriend or wife wanted to be a house wife? My girlfriend soon to be fiancé has said that when we're married she wants to have two little ones, and that she wants to stay home to raise them. I don't have a big problem with her staying home, but I don't want her to lose who she is as an individual, meaning losing all of her independence and not doing her own thing. So my second question is will her staying at home change the fun, self fulfilling, and exciting person I've grown to love into plain Jane?


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  • Becoming a house wife won't change who she is. Her personality, intelligence, sense of humor, etc. won't just suddenly disappear. However, it's a big lifestyle change and it could certainly impact how she feels and how the two of you interact.

    • Keep in mind that getting married and having kids is a huge lifestyle change anyway- parenting is ALWAYS stressful and challenging, and will always have an impact on your relationship. The fact that she WANTS to stay at home will probably only make things easier, since you won't both be juggling work and kids. This will lead to less stress overall, and your kids won't be stuck with nannies.


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  • Many women say this and after having children they go screaming back to work.

  • it might change her. it depends. does she have a fulfilling career right now? if she gives that up completely, it might make her sad in the long run.


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  • No. She will be the one who makes sure that the house is clean, and makes dinner for when you get back home, and makes the kids behave when they're naughty, and all these things, but she will still have her unique twist of them. Her unique twists being what makes the fun, self-fulfilling, exciting person you've grown to love. It won't change her as a person. It will just change what she does with her time.