How do you envision the wedding of your dreams?

Question directed to both girls and guys (as I guess guys as well love to make this moment a truly memorable one; well, I do).

The beach on a tropical island would be perfect for me. I imagine a place with picture-perfect stretches of powder-white beaches, lagoons that sparkle like diamonds, sunsets to die for and a double promise of intense moments and magic.

Here is an epitome of my dream wedding:

-> link

Featuring Mauritius Island as wedding & honeymoon destination

I think yours might be the same as mine. BigUP

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Also, how much would you rate the above wedding out of 10? (i.e. link


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  • Well I think I'd have to have two weddings or one weddings and two parties... I live in Norway so I imagine I'd be marrying a Norwegian but in reality I could marry many different nationalities. And in Norway or wherever I'd just do a quick justice of the piece thing inless he wants a big wedding. And back in the us I'd have to do a big wedding as I have a lot of family and they would be livid if every single person wasn't invited... I couldn't just have a small wedding in Virginia and then invite everyone to a big after party, they wouldn't come to the after party if they could come to the wedding. My family is a bit sucky like thatif you don't spend money on them they won't celebrate and spend money on you:/

    Ideally though- me my close family and friends his close family and friends- in northwest river park in the fall when the leaves are changing


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  • Oh, nothing too fancy. Just close friends and family. Maybe outside somewhere. Mount Rainier National Park, perhaps, in the summer. Mount Hood National Forest. Or Olympic National Park. All three of them are absolutely gorgeous on a clear blue day. And with a warm breeze blowing. Mm. It'd be wonderful.

  • I don't. I know I'm in a white dress. I know who's in my bridal party. That's it.

    Because in the end, what matters is the guy waiting for me at the end of the aisle. I can spend months planning the perfect wedding, or do a shot-gun wedding in days. I'd like a big celebration where my family and friends can gather to celebrate our love and have a good time, but in the end, all that matters is that I am marrying this man. He is the man of my dreams. And my close family is happy.

  • Ideally, something laid back. Not a ton of people and not very fancy. Somewhat casual...possibly outside somewhere. And most importantly, I have the most important person in my world standing next to me and we know we will be together forever. That's the only part that is truly important, all the rest can change.

  • Well,my actual wedding will include about 5 people or less.Dont know where though.And my reception is going to be blow out costume party.


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