Girls, would you ever ask a guy to marry you?

i would looove to see a girl with the balls to ask the guy to marry him.

a girl reminded me of those girls that have been with a guy for years and want to marry him but just go, well, he hasn't asked me to marry him yet.

i'm like, what are you gonna do, just wait for him to ask?

if you want it, why not ask for it yourself?

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  • Sure. I see marriage more as two people deciding together that they want to spend their lives together---and it doesn't matter who brings up the conversation.

    I think that often it's sort of assumed that the girl wants to get married, and so it's up to the guy to bring up the conversation when he's ready. Because of this, I think some women are worried that if they bring it up, the guy will feel like she's trying to push him into it. And of course, there are some people who just prefer things to be traditional.

    I think traditions should only be kept if they still make sense in our day-and-age... and most of them don't.


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  • I asked a question a while back about whether a guy would like his girlfriend proposing. I was met with a lot of guys saying that they would prefer to be the one's proposing because the girl gets to plan the wedding and do all the other stuff and the proposal is really the only thing that the guy gets to do.

    So for me, this is something where I am getting a lot of mixed feed back. I am one of those girls who thinks that my boyfriend won't be getting on one knee, ever, because he is not a romantic. Even though I know he wants to get married someday. So I was thinking of popping the question myself (even though I would appreciate getting the proposal!) just to move things along.

    The feed back I got from my question has put me in a standstill as to whether or not I will actually propose. I really would like it for my boyfriend to do the proposing, since I pretty much do all the romantic thing in the relationship now. I don't think one romantic thing on his part will kill him :/

  • As a woman, I can't see myself proposing to a man. It's always been that men propose and often, they aren't ready to marry when women are. It's why the average marrying age keeps getting older and older. I don't think it looks good to ask a man about marrying you. Not saying I think anything of women who would, but I really think most women wouldn't because it's just not common and we aren't taught to. We're taught from an early age that men propose and you either accept or decline.

    With all that being said, again, no, I wouldn't ask a man to marry me.

    • yeah but, in the 50's everyone was also taught to hate blacks. and things changed.

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    • Well, that's the only person you get to change and you're well within your rights to try to do so. I'm sure the majority of America (and the world) will continue to tradition of letting men propose. It's been that way for a LONG time. It's not broken, why fix it?

    • it is broken tho, wtf are you talking about?

  • yes...its 2012...It's all about two people deciding to spend the rest of their lives together. Who cares about tradition! Men propose when they are ready to take on the responsibility of having a wife etc so why can't a woman propose when she feels her man is ready? Or sot of a joint proposal. Please don't down rate this, I'm not an extreme feminist.

  • Hmmmm...this is a hard question for me sikoo.But for now,i will say no.I am a very assertive girl.I ask guys out,and what not but...asking a dude to marry me? I would rather keep that as traditional as possible.I wouldn't want to take that on. I don't believe in all of that white wedding dress mess,but being me,it would be most excellent for a dude to take the traditional role and ask me.

    • well at least you'll ask a guy out. but why wouldn't you do that?

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    • We are all entitled to our own opinion sikoo.Agree to disagree.:)

    • fair enough.

  • I would if he was taking too long :P

    • that's good but, why not just ask as soon as you feel like it?

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    • hahaha yeah sounds like a plan xD

  • No

    But I also don't "expect" a guy to ever ask me the same, because I don't want to get married. I'd bring up the idea of being legally married and ask what he thinks, but I don't want a wedding.

    But I'm also traditional in that it's the guys job to ask for marriage. Normally girls reach that point before guys, so it's best to just wait it out. Plus, tradition.

    Yes, how sexist

    • yeah that is ver sexist. I hate tradition.

    • i said, "if she's not willing" meaning, that if she's willing, I'll just go ahead and ask, as long as I know she's not like other girls who won't ask just cause they're the girl and I'm the guy and its "the guy's job".

  • No way. I'm very much a traditionalist so he needs to get down on one knee. lol.

  • probably not, but asking out on a first date, yes I would

  • The only reason I wouldn't do the proposing myself is because I wouldn't know how the recipient would feel about it. The last thing I want to do is leave the guy feeling awkward because he thinks I'm pressuring him into marriage. Perhaps it's just a stereotype that men in general are afraid of marriage, but until I know otherwise, I'd have a hard time bringing it up myself.

    • well that's a good enough reason. as long as its not because of gender roles than its coo with me. not that it matters if its coo with me or not, just sayin.

  • Nope I do anything but that


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  • What I find funny about the entire situation is that they will leave a guy they claim to love and would like to marry, before taking the risk themselves and asking if he will marry them. =D Not that I plan to wait for a girl to ask me to marry her, I just find it ridiculous that they would through it all away before taking a risk.

    • *throw

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    • Women are stupid, yo.

    • come on now, not all of them.

  • lol so many women say they wouldn't... that's sad. And they claim to want equality. Such bullsh*t.

    • Btw, I totally demand any woman that expects a man to ask and all other sexist sh*t expecting a man that their ass get to the kitchen asap -_q

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    • you always take this so seriously & rant about how life is oh so unfair to men. Someone needs to chill out

      Everything to you is wrong and just the end all. It's not like you have no preferences or standards

    • I don't think life is "so unfair to men" I just think women ignore where it is unfair for men. As some men are stupid and ignore where it's unfair for women. People who are so narrowminded are retarded.

      And the only standards people should have are ones that aren't so shallow and stupid imo.

  • oh c'mon, please, I'm okay, comfortable and content with the guy proposing marriage, but for just dating and relationships, boyfriend/girlfriend only, that I wish more girls would do, gotta have give and take