Is marriage on his mind, or are these just lines?

Im dating a divorced 24 year old, Christian, with great family values. I am surprised to say that he is winning me over and makes me feel like I'm floating on air. We have an amazing connection and I have never felt this way about anyone, he is everything I've been looking for. He has mentioned that he is a long term relationship type of guy, he is tired of the dating/clubbing scene, parents are surprised he hasn't had a girlfriend for a while, it isn't him to go out and do the single deal (go to clubs). He has mentioned as a joke, "Im searching for someone to have my kid". He is an elementary coach and he says his students keep asking him if he is married and if he is a daddy. He has also mentioned how he is the last of his male in his line of cousins to not have kids. All of them are parents... He has mentioned me to his family and friends and has planned a group date with his friends this week.Are these hints that marriage are is on his mind or should I open my eyes because these are just lines.


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  • He sounds serious, but he also sounds like the type of person who might rush into things. Being already married and divorced by 24 might be a bad sign, then again it might not be his fault; either way it provides information about his level of seriousness. Perhaps he is one of those guys who marries first and asks questions later? I definitely think yo should assume that he is serious and ask yourself how you feel about that level of seriousness. How long have you been dating him?


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  • It sounds like he wants to marry you in the future. lol he's winning you over? why are you making it sound like you're an object to win in a prize. oh well maybe you are.

  • He sounds serious


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  • Nope he wants to put a ring on it.. and a baby in your tummy... Not sure in what order...