My Sister Is Getting Married At Age 19

Okay I love my older sister a lot and she's so happy now that she's getting married well she's only 19 years old and her boyfriend well scratch that off fiance is going to be 20 years old soon. They've known each other since they were little kids and been friends ever sense and they started dating back when they were freshmen in high school. They really love each other and I always see them stuck up under each other. And oh yeah she's pregnant with triplets and she's due in 2 months. I have no problem with them getting married. It's just that a lot of other people have a huge problem with it. They think their stupid for moving too fast. And other people think they should wait a little longer. So what do you guys think is my sister moving a little too fast for a 19 year old or is this the right thing to do?


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  • Just in general, nineteen is a bit too young, in my opinion. However, I only think that because around that age, people haven't been together long enough and they're not that mature or whatever. But in your sister's case, I don't think it's too fast. Like you said, they've know each other for ages, they've been dating for a while and she's pregnant with his kids (not that that should affect the decision of marriage). They're in love and they've stuck by each other. Why shouldn't they get married? Like 100 years ago, 19 was a good age to get married, haha. Congratulations to your sister :)


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  • Getting married at that age is a terrible idea. She's too young to know who she is and what she wants out of life. It's unfortunate that she's already pregnant; otherwise she would probably think twice about getting married so young. The odds that the relationship will survive long-term are much lower because of her age, and the odds that they'll struggle financially are much higher.

    • Indeed. Who bets she will be divorced in 2-4 years ?

    • first of all don't ever make bets on my sister marriage like that you don't know my sister or her boyfriend and your an ass for even saying that

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  • They know each other their entire lives, I don't see them moving too fast. Sometimes I hear about people from 40-50 years old who meet someone and move in after 3 weeks, THAT is moving too fast. But we can't say anything about it because they're "older" and therefor "wiser", or so they make us believe.

    If they're dating for so long, and they know each other for such a long time, I don't know, it just sounds great, like a fairy tale :)

    The people who say they move too fast should mind their own business.

    • thats what I tell them and then they wanna start a big epidemic about it I mean its not them so why should they worry about it

  • They've known each other ALLTHEIR LIVES lol. It makes perfect sense that they're comfortable enough to get married. That's like part of most people's dreams, graduating high-school and marrying your high school sweet heart? It sounds like they're so well bonded...there's no reason why they shouldn't get married if it's what they want. People think they should wait? For what? For OTHER people to feel comfortable with it? They should put their lives on hold because other people are too jealous of what a beautiful relationship they have? Pfft.

    Sorry, I just hate when judgement is passed out of ignorance like that. God-speed to the lovely couple. ^^<3

    • im actrually glad he'll be apart of our family when we were little I've always seen him as one of my brothers and I still do