Friends getting married..ever felt like you were the last one?

Have you ever felt like you were the last one or that something is missing cause all of your friends are getting married/engaged/are married? Feeling like that at the moment..feels like there's something I'm missing and wondering why I"m not in their shoes at the moment :(


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  • If it makes you feel any better half of those marriages will end in divorce. Never underestimate the power of Schadenfreude.

    • what if all those marriages stay together?

    • Possible but a statistical improbability. The divorce rate for marriages in which both spouses are under 25 is even higher than 50%. Fools rush in.

    • hmm well that does make me feel better in a sadistic way lol


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  • Of the very few reasons that would motivate me to get married, peer pressure is definitely not one of them.

    Marriage in itself is not stupid, it's just that these days the people who usually get married are. I want nothing to do with a stupid codependent milestone on the race to the grave.

  • Eh, I am in the same boat as you right now. No worries, like the other guy said they will most likely fail. Your time will come.

    • feels like never or when I'm probably old..blah I hate this

    • Hahah I know the feeling! It's whatever though, you just need to do you.

    • true true..good things take time I guess

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  • My best friend of 18 years and 2 friends from high school got married on back to back weekends 2 years ago. I wasn't really jealous, it was more that I didn't have a date to either wedding (my BGF actually told me AND his fiancee that I was going to be his date to his wedding, his fiancee was fine with it :) ). I don't really mind that I'll probably be the last of my friends (gay and straight) to get married, because I'm just not in that place -at 25.

    Your time will come. Just enjoy the weddings. Maybe you'll meet a single friend of the groom! (That's always what I hope for ;-) )