Think I may have screwed myself over....

So I like a guy that I have known for quite awhile. We flirt around quite a bit and I think I scared him off by stating I eventually want to get married. He said he isn't sure. After some time to think I really am not sure I want to get married anytime soon. How to fix without being obvious?


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  • ...and all the poor guy wanted was to have sex and maybe get an occasional blowjob.

    • oh see that is where it gets sticky...

    • oh yes, very sticky!

    • haha no really I mean we flirt a lot and finally had kinda drunk sex. It was OK but more sloppy than anything. And he hasn't propostitioned me again or hung out since.

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  • stay away from the M word. Guys do NOT like that word. It's an instant mood killer.

    • well it had just come up:(

    • i personally would just be fine seeing how we did, maybe eventually get a house and a dog you know

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  • Jist let him know that in time not anytime soon unless that is what you want.