He asks "Will you marry me someday?"

What would compel a guy to ask this?

He recently started saying my name with his last name, and talking a little about marriage.

What would be your reasons for saying this to a girl?

It only bothers me a little, because a commitent in the future tense doesn't really feel like a commitment at all. It feels like teasing words like bone on a stick.


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  • Is this guy your boyfriend or someone you just have sex with occasionally or what? If he's your boyfriend an youve been together for a long time, he's possibly thinking of marriage, at least that's what I would do if marriage was on my mind with a girl I'm in love with and have been with for a while. If it's a guy you're just seeing not seriously, he's just messing around with you.


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  • F***ing creepy as sh*t.

  • huh, he must be thinking about it but wants to know how confident he should be about asking.

    probably just doesn't want you to say no.

    lucky guy.

  • He is just teasing you. Guys do stuff like this alot. I probably do that to 3 or 4 of my friends.

    • I am with him romantically.

    • I am with him romantically.

    • Romantically? Just say you're having sex with him. I still stand by what I said he's just teasing you for now.

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