So I'm talking to this guy and he's not much of a phone person, which is okay but he never asks me to hang out, I always ask. If I don't call or text him he will call me and ask me to hang out. Why does he not take the initial step to ask me to hang out first?


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  • Is it just a habit between you or has he been rejected (by you or another one?)

    Then he could be afraid of rejection: when you call he doesn't risk that.

    Isn't he really into the "hanging out" thing and is it your proposal that decides him?

    hum, I'm putting quite a lot of my own past in this answer! :-S


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  • In my experience, I once asked a guy to hang out and he simply replied I don't hang out, these are the things I like to do. I then decided to ask him to do one of his intrests that I also enjoyed. needless to say we started spending time together. For the initial question my answer is does it matter who asks who first? you did say you two hang out, right?

  • I think he likes you. :)