What dose it mean when your boyfriend says he wants to marry you?

me and my boyfriend have been dating for a year and 6 months and he tells me so many things about haveing a future with me so is that a good thing if he talks about a fututre with me and wants to marry me because he seemd pretty serious about the marry part and is really confident bout being with me for a LOOOONG time I'm really happy and more head over heels just wanna know what dose it mean when he said that?(:


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  • He's head over heels too.

    I'm sure he means it. It may not happen, but enjoy being in love.


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  • The question says you're under 18. Don't read into it for the moment.

  • lol what do you think it means? do you lack comprehension?


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  • IDK your situation, but when guys under 18 tell their girlfriends this it usually doesn't mean they want to marry them. No offense is intended. Like I said, I do not know your situation, but some guys say this to get sex, keep sex, or keep their girlfriend.

    Sometimes, guys just don't have the communication skills to express themselves well. So maybe this is his only way to tell you how much he feels for you. He loves you THIS MUCH! And to him, marriage is the biggest love he can fathom. So, take it as the best compliment, remembering that he isn't actually asking you to marry him. That's OK though, right? :D

    If you want to know what he means, ask him. As for marrying him, hopefully you are level headed & are not considering this at your age. You have so many things to do in your lives before you do this. Talk to him about this.

    Good luck.