Can a married women make friends with men, single or married?

Do you think it should be OK for a married women to make new friends with single and or married men? Just wondering.

When I was single, I had a lot of guy friends and they are still my friends, I call them and I email them and chat with them but they are all far far away. After I got married, we moved thousands of miles away and I am having trouble making friends with women. I was wondering if it would seem odd to some men if I wanted to be friends with them, just as friends you know? Even though I'm married. Just wondering. I do have "friends" on here, on this website too and most of them are men but I would like to have a best friend, a few best friends who are around that I can hang out with. You know? go out to eat with, go watch a movie with, go kayaking and exploring and see a museum and walk in the park with. You might we wondering, "what about your husband?" well the truth is he works 5am-8:30pm or later and then some months he is gone months at a time on business trips.

So what do you think? I"m sure my guy trusts me, the thing is I was just wondering what married or single men who never met me would feel like if I was super friendly with them and wanted them to become my best friend...


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  • well, your husband is likely going to automatically assume that any interest other guys have in you are going to be sexual first and foremost - and in most cases this is a valid assumption. So, you have to be cautious. Do not do anything that could be perceived as flirting. Ever. No matter how comfortable you are or how funny you think it could be in a given situation. That just invites them to flirt with you.

    Of course, some guys will flirt with you without invitation. You must be or at least pretend to be annoyed by this, or they will keep at it. This is also why you can not flirt with them - if you invite them to flirt with you and then act annoyed by it, then you come across as a crazy person.

    Now all of this is 'worst-case.' Things generally aren't going to be as delicate as I've portrayed, but just be prepared for when they are.


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  • My wife makes friends with other men (she also makes friends with women too). I'm perfectly fine with it. We trust each other, and our sex life is very good. I've as well made friends with women, single and married.

    Ideally though, your husband should also be your best friend, and other men merely very good friends.

  • Of course. My wife has male friends too (always had) and it didn't ever worry me. ( link )

    • I need to find a secure man like you because I have male friends and have no intention of getting rid of them.

    • I have a few female friends too :)

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  • I think if your husband knows about them all and is okay with it then there is no problem. Just make sure in new relationships your intentions are clear so there is no misunderstandings.

  • Of course. After all they are just friends. Make it clear to the males that your intention is to be just friends and you are loyal to your husband no matter what. This stems from a post I saw the other day.

  • Not unusual. Do make sure your husband has met them before and that he knows about them. Most of my friends are guys. It can cause issues but since you are married, and he trusts you, it shouldn't be big deal.