Guys what is marriage for you?

majority of male does not want to be tied down by marriage. how important or not so important is it to you?


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  • I don't really want to go through life changing partners, raise my kids single, share my triumphs and difficulties with no one or a new stranger each time, etc..

    So, for myself, I prefer marriage - I'm not talking about a ceremony, but having one woman in one relationship, unbroken, all the way through.

    I don't know about majority of males which you suggest would rather be single, but there is definitely some that are better off single.

    There is no answer that works for everybody. To those who wish to be single, be single. To those who wish to be married, be married.


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  • A legally binding contract that provides some financial benefits and is a status symbol. Aside from that, it is the strongest symbolic bond by which two partners may join. There are myriad expressions of love and commitment, but marriage trumps most of them. From a male perspective, it can seem like a strict rule set, depending on the relationship. It's a long way off for me, and something to which I'd not commit lightly. It would take a very special girl to get me down on one knee in this respect.

  • With the right girl, I put a high value on marriage. With the wrong girl...I'd rather die. Eventually, I will tie the knot with the girl I'm meant to spend the rest of my life with. I want to eventually move to that stage of my life, have a family and have someone who I can endure all of life's positives and struggles with. Basically, with the right girl, it's quite important to me. I'm not the kind of person who puts a value on how many girls' virginities I've taken or how many times I've had sex since last night. I prefer quality over quantity when it comes to relationships. If I find a girl who's great and who I truly love, I'm not going to go searching for someone else.

  • Marriage is a long way off in the future, if at all.

    It means that I am happy with my life and have found the perfect woman in my eyes. I would have to be convinced that no other woman on the planet would make me as happy as her.

    If I am making a good living, content with where I am, and have found the perfect woman, then I would be ready to settle down.

  • Its Most Important in Life. Marriage is a Commitment

  • Similar to house arrest w/o the brcelet, instead you have her. If you breach it, you don't get a fine or prison sentence, you just hand everything you own over to her.


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