Marriage-potential girlfriend - how and when do you know?

I'm the type of person that knows what she wants fairly quickly so it didn't take long until I felt like my boyfriend was the one.

I have no idea how guys feel about marriage. Does the idea grow on you after a long time with someone? Do you care about this when you're in a relationship? Do you know from the start?


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  • Sadly you can't really generalize feelings of the male persuasion when it comes to marriage. It depends highly on the maturity level of him. Me, personally, I'm 22 and I felt I was there with someone when I was 18. In hindsight, I totally wasn't.

    If you feel you are capable of doing it, then bring it up. But for most other men that I personally know, marriage isn't something they are really looking for until they have their partying out of their system and are done with school.


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