Has anyone you know tried mail-order brides?

I've heard some mixed stories about them. Either they work amazingly well or they are downright disasters. Why would I try this? Well, after over twenty years of trying to get a lover and over 837,904 rejections...I doubt if I have any other choice. I'm not going to find someone anymore and nobody comes to me. Society's answers are totally unacceptable: Either turn gay/shemale, masturbate forever, trust that idiot Jesus or commit suicide. I'm looking for both success and failures to mail-order brides.

Let's hear it folks

Ok, got it. Not a good idea. I'll find another way before it's too late...if it's not already


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  • My mom worked with 2 old perverted white guys and both failed. One of them ended up going back to her country while the other just filed for divorce.

    They're usually doomed from the start because the guys who order them obviously have serious character flaws that women who can understand them 100% notice.

    And those MOB aren't just looking for any white, American male to save them--they're looking for white WEALTHY American men. They aren't gonna pick up and leave family and friends just for some broke hillbilly in the Appalachian Mountains ya know?

    So you've got a combo of creepy old perv+foreign golddigger=yay for successful marriage


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  • she will only use u. be cheaper to buy a wife and your own city lol


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  • You've failed 226.5 times per day for the last 20 years, without missing a single day. You've asked out every single person, male and female, in my city, some more then once, and been denied by them all. You're lying.

    And yes I've know someone who had mail ordered wives. I worked with him for two years and over the span he had two marriages and one divorce. I met one of them at our company Christmas party. Her English was atrocious and she was essentially a sex object. I'm not sure if it's true, could just be rumors, but people were saying she screwed one of the guys in the bathroom stall during a speech by the company president. I tend to believe it just by the way she interacted with every guy at that party.

    I say if that's what you want, go ahead and try it. What I've been told about it by the guy I used to work with is that it costs about 25grand a pop and he would get a new wife each year. He was happy with the arrangement and kept telling me so were they; that they just wanted to immigrate and marriage was their ticket in. After that they stuck around for awhile and then happily divorced as a recognized citizen.

    The guy if I'm being honest was a fat disgusting slob and a woman abuser. He liked buying wives and bragged about it consistently.

  • It is a financial scam that helps the females get papers and citizenship in a foreign country.

    Do not fall for it.

    It is all about the $$

    They get what they want and leave the man high and dry.

    Travel to a place like Korea or Puerto Rico or somewhere similar that you can meet a bride there are enough there that are looking to marry so they can get out of the country they live in and maybe have a better life.

  • It is a big f*cking scam nowadays.

    It worked in the late 70's through the 90's: I mean it is how I got here, my mom was a mail bride order.

    So my opinion is, you are better off marrying a foreign woman who knows how to be a wife and knows the definition of a wife. BUT don't go to the websites because they will scam every penny out of you.

    Are you friends with a trusty foreigner? Like an old Korean woman? It you do, it doesn't hurt to ask her if she can hook you up with a wife.

    • how do you feel knowing your mom was a mail order bride? does she even love your dad?

    • I mean I feel proud that she went through multiple hells just to make sure we can have a good life. I've seen war, and I've experienced traumatizing things in life that most people by now would have committed suicide because of bad dreams and nightmares. As far as her choice becoming a wife and living a false life, I really dnt got any grounds to judge.

  • For that money, you can travel abroad. Go to South-East Asia and find a bride there. As a white man you have much more chance with Asians than any other ethnicity.

  • As others have said, don't do it. As women get older, a lot of them turn into gold diggers. Mail order brides are gold diggers on steroids. Now, if they had mail order casual fling, then you're in business.

  • Don't do it, they only want your money.

  • They don't work amazingly well, or else you'd have heard about it.

    They are a disaster. And they rely on desperate guys like you to make a profit.